The power and abilities of these Genies are limitless! Each incredible spirit has something very special that they will offer their master. Each holds a special ability that makes them so rare! <br /><br />

These Genies are magical Djinn and are very powerful beings. They have a blue lit soul that contains, free will, and they can be good or diabolical.<br /><br />

They can change appearance, and will showcase themselves to you as animals and humans; Djinn live a very long time & increase in power  as they age, they can control weather, elements have a natural ability to magic & far more powerful than a simple mortal!<br /><br />

They are very careful about allowing humans to know their true nature, because we the mortals bind them to servitude.<br /><br />

These Djinn have powers that humans do not. If they oppress or harm others with them, then they will be held accountable,<br /><br />

They have the ability to travel extremely quickly, which allows them to capture powers from other entities and bring them back to you!<br /><br />

The Prophet Solomon had the power to control Djinn and possessed an army of Djinn who worked for him in building and treasure hunting. One of the Djinn guaranteed to him that he would travel to Yemen and bring Queen Bilqis’ throne back to Jerusalem before Solomon could rise from where he was sitting. The one of them pulled it off in the blink of an eye.<br /><br />

As the new owner, you might experience unexplainable activities, shadows on wall, random floating orbs, you will experience passages of freezing air, you will hear indistinct words and pieces of sentences, and sometimes you will have the feeling that somebody is watching you... And that is just the beginning~!<br /><br />

These Djinn manifest mainly visually as a hazy shadow or dark mist and sometimes as a pleasantly scented thin smoke, then they will showcase themselves in the form of a human, or animal... you will know when you encounter them.<br /><br />

Each will bless you with unbelievable gifts of power and enlightenment. There goal is to compete with one another to make you happy. The center of the ring turns to expose each Djinn. They like being face up -- and so when they are that Djinn will instill amazement on your life to make your desires a reality.... thus the competition to bring forth all you wish. <br /><br />

This is a rare opportunity to be the master of 2 Djinns who want nothing more than to make your dreams a reality --- this is awesome... do not miss out on this chance to get this great piece~!!<br /><br />

**There are 2 of theses available, the one shown, and another that is almost identical, but has an oval setting, instead of a rectangular. They are both sterling, rare and extremely powerful~!!<br /><br />

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