Thousands of years before Christ, the sacred books of Vedic said that if two people would unite their psychic power, they could conquer the world. Later came Jesus who said that if two came together to ask God for anything, they would get it. Jesus also sent out his disciples two by two. This is power that can move mountains. This is called YOUR hidden brotherhood or the power of the telecult. This is the power of two. The number is important. Think how many times the number two appears in the Bible, from Noah's Arc to the apostles.

There is not much to say about this power other then what has been said already. This is the power of two of which anything can be done, and I do mean anything. I usually do not sell items that tell you that you can get anything you want because it is unrealistic and untrue. So many claims of these things make people not want to buy the paranormal items. The items are hyped up or made to seem that you're going to get a million dollars overnight. Again, these things are not true, but IF you know the ancient magic and teachings directly from who created them then it IS possible.

What you're looking at is an antique ring, a very small size in sterling with a real stone. This is a ring with two snakes wrapped around it. One snake is you and other is someone else of your choice. This person will ask for what you want together with you. If you don't have someone to work with and if you prefer to not to tell anyone, I'm willing to do this with you to make sure it is done right. My abilities are phenomenal so you should have no problems.
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