Solomons temple held the power of the dual magic,black and white. The two pillars are called Jakin and Boas. These hold all the mysteries of magic that was given to Solomon from many sources. This was the non watered down magic that allowed him to do so much.

This ring holds a black band in the center and a stainless steel band that goes around that. This is the dual magic. When I say dual magic here I'm talking about his ability to control demons but he could only do this because he held the secrets to that ability,no one else can do this and don't let them fook you by saying they can. There was a secret to that and it was given only to him. He then hid that secret for a wise one that would one,find it and two have the brains to use it. It is said that he used it to build a temple, to control magic in his kingdom.

What it is said he could do was create a kingdom,create wealth to the extreme,control all aspects of the spirit world and get them to do what he wanted them to do at all and any time.

That is what this ring will do. This is a size 9 and can be worn by a male or female.

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