Native American Two-Spirit Sex Entity

I received this piece at a powwow that I attend roughly three months ago. There isn’t much comprehension involved with this piece, and it isn’t going to enlighten you much. On a rainy day, however, this piece is going to come in handy and provide a great amount of entertainment and pleasure for the person that decides they want to host it.

In 1990 in Winnipeg Canada, during a convergence of the Native American/First Nation gay/lesbian convention this ideology was finally accepted and discussed. It has been going on for years, though. Like Lady Gaga says, “You’re born this way.” This leads to the logical conclusion and assumption that people didn’t just start being born gay last year. Homosexuality is not a new concept—not for America, not for the world, and not for the Indians that I met at this powwow.

I know it might seem strange, but the person that I received this piece from was simply named Jay. He was a homosexual Native American that I grew especially close during the Native American powwow that I attended. Although, the highlight of the powwow, on the day I attended was being “smudged” and eating their ethnic food, the piece that I was gifted by Jay (with a devious smile, might I add) would be a long lasting memory that I would not soon forget. Later on, I completely understood about the devious smile, as you will by the end of this story.

This piece is more for the homosexual audience or those who might be questioning their sexuality but want to do so in private manner. This piece in infused with what is known as a Native American two-spirit. A two-spirit is an individual that is considered to have the spirit of both masculinity and femininity, but one of the spirits takes over and will dominate the person’s attitude and behaviors on Earth. This includes sexual behaviors.

Originally, Jay told me that the piece that he had given held magic powers. I wasn’t expecting the piece to hold the powers that it did. I felt a psychic connection to the piece in the first place, but wasn’t quite ready for the experience it was about to deliver. It began on a night that I was feeling rather lonely and I was looking over my souvenirs from the Native American powwow. I ran the piece that Jay gave me through my fingers and it spawned something that I can some up in one word—erotic.

The minute I touched the piece I could feel it channel sexual energy throughout my entire body. All of my important parts start to tingle. I couldn’t help but let out a few stifled sighs as the pleasure became more intense all over my body. Soon, I felt as if each nerve ending in my body was at its wits end with pleasure and just when I though I couldn’t take anymore, I left my body.

I could feel the pleasure spread and intensify through my spiritual being, which was now traveling through astral realms at the speed of light. I felt my entire being quivering with pleasure and then my body stop searching for its destination, because it was already there. As I lay there on the cool ground of a summer night, I couldn’t help but to smell the odor of burning oak. I looked over to see that there was a fire constructed… an exact replica of the ones I had seen as the bonfire.

The fire was ablaze and I wasn’t quite sure why I was here or what was going to happen. I just lay there looking up at the stars, enjoying the pleasure that this piece brought to me. Then, the stars all converged into one big milky mess and from the sky transcended a dark, tall, handsome Native American brave. His body was as solid as a stone, not super defined, but bulky and extremely inviting.

The first thought that ran through my head is that I was about to get pulverized. I showed up in someone else’s domain and pissed him off. As he transcended from the sky, I couldn’t help but to notice how perfectly proportioned the bottom half of his body was in his buttery soft, leather attire. Once he was on the ground, I watched as he lurked nearer to me, drawing his knife.

I remember thinking to myself that this was the last straw for me—I was about to be a goner. He traced his knife over the contour of my torso, as I readied myself to be gutted like a fish. To my surprise, instead of cutting me, he cut my close lose in one clean sweep. I breathed a sigh of relief and the brave smiled, not speaking a word.

The man then gently picked me up, laying me flat on my back in the ground. He explored all areas of my body with my mouth, the whole while I let out soft sighs of pleasure. His energy radiated throughout my entire body with each stroke and touch of his lips. He slowly undressed himself and I didn’t miss a detail—I must say that this guy was dearly endowed by whatever gods he worships. Hallelujah!! I stood up and returned the favor. We both stood there admiring each other’s bodies, which are in perfect condition in astral form.

Just when I though I couldn’t possibly take any more eye contact—I NEEDED ACTION!!—the brave swept me off my feet, bringing me to the ground. We both assumed the natural positioning of two mating men, me in the front, and him behind me. He was soft and gentle, making sure that nothing went wrong.

As we enjoyed they physicality of one another, both of our bodies swayed back and forth. The motion became deeper and deeper with each thrust. I felt my inside tense up, and finally a warm release from my body while we both climaxed together. I have to say it was, undauntedly, the best sex of my life.

Once I had finished with the brave (that wasn’t the last round), I returned to my body. I began making sense of things. Just to prove my theory, I tested the piece that Jay had given me and sure enough it contained a two-spirit sex entity. I have had my experiences with this piece, but I believe it is time to move on to bigger and better things. I am offering it to the first taker. Please do not be shy; this piece needs some TLC… needless to say. It will be the best experience of your lifetime. I guarantee it.

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