Taco Licking Succubus

Taco Licking Succubus

During his latest investigative trip, Emir came back with several different vampiric items. This is one of those pieces!

This holds a Succubus, with a twist~!

This Succubus is looking for a female companion to share sex and life with... she will attract other FEMALE companions into her companions life.

She does not tolerate men or their touch so as she is going to feel what her companion feels and her companion will feel what she is feeling, you MUST be a woman who is either bisexual, or a lesbian on this one or it's not going to work!

For those ladies out there looking for female companionship -- this is the ideal piece!

The Succubus is named Kiarra, and she is ready to tantalize you with her body and bring forth women to you who will embrace pleasure for the both of you -- as your connection and relationship with Kiarra is astrally generated and you will feel what she does and vice versa~!

Taco Licking Succubus
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