Temper Tantrums

Temper Tantrums

This item has stimulant and purgative contaminates that will bring essential surges to those who have issues with bad tempers.

Some people fly off the handle and have major mood swings, this is what provokes many fights between friends and family.

When people do not get their way, they often will throw a fit, and allow their temper to take control --- when this "switch" goes on the person can seem to be a totally different individual.

Do not allow yourself to say, or do, things you do not want to when you are mad --- or help someone you know who has a temper problem by getting them this piece!!

The person who wears this piece will be granted the surged implorement of ease of mind that will integrate the releases of toxins that bring about the furies of bi-polar reactions that trigger from the anger that is within the mind of one who gets mad!

Temper Tantrums
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