Temple of the Djinn-2

The Temple of Dendur was built in Egypt by the Roman governor of the time, Petronius.  It was constructed in 15 B.C. and dedicated to Isis, Osiris, Pediese and Pihor.   It as eventually transferred, later on, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, where it has resided since 1978. It is the only Egyptian temple in the Western hemisphere and as gift from the people of Egypt to the people of the United States.  Of course, this was on the list of places we needed to visit, considering it is in our neighboring state of New York.  There was no way that we were going to allowed to just walk in and take care of business the way we wanted to, which was spiritually investigate for the presence of any entities.  This is why we stationed ourselves outside of the Met and astrally projected ourselves inside of the building once visiting hours were over.  I mean, in our spirit form, nobody would have noticed us anyway but we wanted to make absolutely certain we were sure in our readings.  This is why we waited until things were settled.  

During our investigation, we discovered that the temple was not only a place a worship but a make shift djinn portal, as well.  Upon reading the inscriptions that are carved on temple, out loud, three times each, we determined that it was possible to birth a djinni into existence.  We were able to accomplish this several times, each time transferring the djinni into a different vessel.  Thus, we were left with a collection of pieces, each that has a newborn djinni in it, ready to go.  The powers in this piece are simple.  It gives unlimited wishes, whatever they might be.  There is not a wish that you newborn will not grant for you because they have just arrive from the Realm of Fire where they were born of fire and smoke.  Thus, they are super strong and ultra powerful to grant whatever wish they want.  Your wish will be their very command.  

In order to properly use your piece, you must name your djinni when you receive it.  It can be any name you choose, but it needs a name.  Wear your item while your energy and the djinni'senergy bonds together and feel the surge as the energy starts to takeover.  At this point thedjinni will grant any wish your lips shall utter.  


These are gold over sterling.

Temple of the Djinn-2
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