Tenga Dalam Ilahi Powers

Tenga Dalam Ilahi Powers

I received this piece from a correspondent in Asia. She was on this job for quite some time; and after several long months all of her hard work paid off when she received a special divination. She had to earn the respect of the Indian elders first, after which they agreed to give her the secrets to an ancient process known as Tenaga Dalam Ilahi.

While there is no literal translation for this phrase, a generally accepted translation would include something along the lines of spiritual attunement. What you are receiving is so very powerful that will give you the capability to achieving several goals, all at once. Usually this process is achieved through years of meditation and spiritual deliverance. I am making it yours immediately, with the piece you see here.

This piece is from the Indian elders and holds spirits from the ancient worlds. These spirits have since moved on to other realms. They are being invoked and have returned for the sole purpose of recruiting members to their magical elite. With this piece you will become the magical elite. They will come to you and embody your existence, giving you the secrets associated with Tenaga Dalam Ilahi.

When the spirits cast their secrets upon your soul, you will be given an ancient form of pure magic. With this magic you will be elevated to existence that is higher than any you have ever experienced before. Your spiritual enlightenment will be constantly sustained, so once you gain the enlightenment there is no turning back. You will forever be held in spiritual purity.

There are several things this piece is going to do for you once you receive your spiritual blessing. First and foremost it is going to allow you being to enter into an eternal state of bliss. Once that is achieved it will open the door for the rest of your blessings to unfold upon you.

You will receive a psychic divination that will allow you several abilities. You will be able to communicate with the spirit elders, the very same group that is helping you become a higher being. With this communication and open dialogue you be able to receive visions from the ancients. You will able to hold the secrets of the past, present, and future, because the spirits will share these concepts with you.

You will be spiritually cleansed. It is easy to get caught up in today's world, and make your soul imperfect. Blemished on your spirit prohibit you from performing magic, opening up your sense, etc. This piece will give you the spiritual cleansing that you ready for. It will reestablish your karma and aura, helping you to achieve the desired effects of being fresh and renewed.

You will receive spiritual protection. With this piece you will have an army of the most high constantly waging battle for you. They will keep you and protect you. With this piece you never be subject to the tyranny of evil or malicious spirits and beings. The spirits will keep you constantly invulnerable to such attacks and sabotage.

Lastly, you will achieve oneness. While it seems like we might have already covered this, we haven't. You will receive the secrets of the universe and the benefit of knowing that your existence has a time and place. You will know how everything works together for the greater good and you will achieve inner peace in knowing these things.

This piece is the real deal. I have run numerous tests on it. I can conclude that this piece will not disappoint. It will deliver substantial results. You will receive the piece that you see here.

A true piece of paranormal enlightenment. This piece is made by jewelry designer Teresa Goodall and is made with glass and some natural gems. The powerful energy in this piece makes it so you do not have to wear it if you do not want to.

Tenga Dalam Ilahi Powers
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