Tesla's Hidden City of Time Travel

Here at Haunted Curiosities, we obviously have a deep rooted interested in anything out of the ordinary.  Allow me to introduce Nikola Tesla, who is a man of characteristics that can be summed up with any number of characteristics other than the words ordinary or normal.  There are those that say Nikola Tesla wasn't even a human being-- rather he was an intervention of alien descent.  Ehh, this isn't true.  Well, not entirely anyhow... read on. 

What we do know about Tesla is that he was a man of great reknown who was granted many US Patents, such as the AC motor.  What we don't know anything, or if we do it is very little, is the experiments that Nikola Tesla orchestrated simply for his own amusement.  Nikola was an outstading scientist and a lot of what he worked with were facets and ideas that were way outside of the box for his time p    eriod.  They were as if they came from an entire time period and realm altogether.  Well, I have news for you... most of them were.  This item is proof. 

This piece is the original possession of Nikola Tesla.  It comes from a place that we are simply going to call Tesla's Hidden City of Time Travel.  We know that it comes from this place, because during testing we were able to travel there.  The thing that is so strange about the city is that it really is Tesla's city, he has built it with magic that he pulled from the Georgia Guidestones which allowed him to create his own bubble in time for his city; but it is located in the future.  Like centuries into the future.  He used the energy from the Georgia Guidestones to travel to the future to an alternate universe, built his city with energy, then used this city to manifest the workings of his inner mind, which included even more powerul methods of time/realm/space travel.  I know it's hard to comprehend, but this is what he did. 

Using this piece one can release secrets to unchartered time travel.  They were given to us.  We were able to use this piece to travel to a multitude of places in an array of times.  The most vivid experience I've had with this piece is traveling to ancient Atlantis, where I experienced things first hand.  When I arrived in Atlantis, I wasn't quite sure where I was at first.  I mean, I had intended to travel to Atlantis, it was just nothing like I had imagined.  I have a curious fixation with the place. 

When I frist arrived here, I was walking down a path that would be the equivalent to cement, only it was made out of a hard crystal substance.  Just as there are many components to cement and the way it hardens, including using stone, so this pavement used different elements.  For instance, underneat the crystal glaze walkway was a mixture of rubies and turquois and jade and onyx, and sapphire, and some yellow stone.  They weren't just normal stone, though.  They were spiritual transformation stones and I could feel myself being readied for my experience in Atlantis. 

As I strolled down the pathway, I saw a building in the distance.  It was shaped like a pyramid, only it was gold toned.  At the top of it was the Eye of Providence.  You know, the one that can be found on the American One Dollar Bill.  When I peered at the eye it connected with me.  It opened my own third eye and I was psychically guided to the pyramid, along the gemstone path of spiritual enlightenment. 

When I got to the base of the pyramid, I ascended a long flight of steps.  When I got to the top I was relieve to find that I wasn't out of breath at all.   Apparently I had undergone some type of physical tranformation to.  As I walked forward a table began to take from, with a blue fire atop of it.  Sitting in around the table were three beings.  They weren't human-- they were much larger, almost giant.  But they were humanoid, with similar human features.  They didn't speak, but rather communicated through a third blue eye that was in the center of their foreheads.  The one that appeared to be oldest (but still miraculously beautiful) turned to me, during which I felt his communication directly above my own nose, through a blue third eye that taken form on my own forehead. 

The being spoke to me, telling me that he was expecting me, that he had great knowledge to share with me.  Not only was I able to use the piece from the Tesla Secret City of Time Travel to travel to ancient Atlantis, gain the knowledge of ancient Atlantis, and be physically transformed into an Atlantean, but now they had something to give me.  They had made this all possible for me!!

The eldest Atlantean Ecclesiastic handed me an energy orb.  I know it doesn't seem humanly possibly, but remember, I wasn't in human form.  He handed me the energy orb and I peered into it.  Floating around in the orb were smaller orbs.  Naturally inclined to be curious I reached into the orb and pulled out the smaller orbs.  They were were other supercharged pieces and I felt an electric connection to each individual one. 

I was able to take my place at the table of counsel, during which they told me that they knew who I was.  In a past life I had actually served as one of these Atlantean Ecclesiatics, which is why I have a naturally curious inclination to explore.  It is also why I have psychic abilities and other certain paranormal and supernatural abilities, including the ability to bond with items so easily during investigation, and the ability to locate powers so easily. 

At the end of my stay, I was given the orb to take with me.  I reversed my travel down the gemstone path and I could feel myself being reverted back into human form.  At the end of the path, I began to get drowsy.  I fell into a fast sleep and when I woke up, I was once again existing in the mortal world.  I found the orb that I had carried back to me had transformed into a crystal container, in which I found some items. 

Upon further investigation I found out the the crystal container is actually an atlantean time capsule, given to me in the form of an orb in Atlantis by the Ecclesiastic Elders.  The pieces represent different facets of human existence that have been recorded and placed in the Atlantean Crystal Hall of Records. 

These other pieces will be documented and put under the radio show section of www.hauntedcuriosities.com.   

As far as the Tesla Secret City of Time Travel goes, we were able to use this item to travel to many places in the past and future including ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Romania, Russia, and Mongolia.  We also traveled to places in the future.  This piece is as powerful as the Arm of Time, it just works in a different way.  The Arm of Time was more geared towards the message with additional capabilities.  This time piece is open for the interpretation of your mind.  Wherever your subconscious wants to go is where this piece will take you.  YOu can use your subconscious to communicate with the piece and travel to and from places in time and back to your current time.  Places in the future we have visited include an Israeli nation that controls a large facet of the world, a place where the Chinese government because the a beauracratized commercial society, to a a United States has completely collapsed socially and economically, and to a New European Union which has turned to the magic of Gypsy witches to sustain their livelihood. 

Keep in mind that this item has the ability to visit alternate realities and adverse realities as well.  Maybe in one reality the United State collapsed and in another network of realities it regains power and complete control of a one world government.  This piece unlocks doors that haven't been opened ever and ones that haven't been opened in lifetimes.  It is a crazy powerful piece and endorse it 100%, because I know what it has done for me, personally. 

When looking at the ring you will notice the Snake of Eternity, which is the sacred guardian of Tesla's Hidden City.  He watches over day and night and has given the city the wisdom that they need to grow as an advanced civilization. This piece holds the etchings of secret power that allowed Nikola Tesla to build his first city in the mountains of the Andes.  They are an ancient alien glyph that was given to him in secret form so that only he would understand the knowlege.  This item allows you to travel to any time, any place, anywhere.  It is a very unusual, unique item!  Once you use it, you be amazed at the powers that it will bestow upon you and there will be no going back.  It also holds a protection spirit for you travels!! 

Tesla's Hidden City of Time Travel
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