Tessa's Wealthy Sex

This piece embodies the finer things in life. By finer things in life, I mean sex and money.  Aren't those the two things that people desire most in life?  I mean, we happen to also enjoy food, but that's just us. If you are like most people and sex and money are what you desire, then there should be no further explanation as to why you absolutely need this piece in your life.
This piece is enchanted by the presence of a tree nymph who's named is Tessa.  She has blazing red hair and curves in all the right places.  She is very prolific, so like to reproduce.  In her spirit form, this normally means pollinating new trees.  However, in the form of a nymph, this means she absolutely loves sex.  She craves it, she can't get enough.  Since she is also a spirit of abundance, these translate to mortal wealth.
Whenever Tessa appears to you, she will entice you with her seductive energy and beauty.  She will read you.  She will know you.  She will take on the form of your biggest fantasy, even act it out if that is required.  She wants to please you, it is what she craves.  She will give you astral orgasms and multiple orgasms.  You will not have found an erotic pleasure as deep as this one is.  
The good news continues.  Every time you have relations with Tessa, you will absorb her energies.  Since her energies are abundance and this translates to wealth in mortal terms, this is the energy you will receive.  This wealth energy will search the realms and pull in many different wealth powers for you.  These powers will begin to roll in like a snowball and will keep accumulating to wealth beyond your wildest dreams!    
Tessa's Wealthy Sex
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