The Ancient Powers of The Bucegis/STEVE-2

The Ancient Powers of The Bucegis

Deep in the heart of the Romanian wilderness lie the Bucegi Mountains. These mountains seem ordinary enough, but looks can be and are deceiving. Situated amongst the mountains in an ancient Sphinx, that thanks to a collaborative effort between the United States and Romania was finally discovered in 2003.

Now as you all know, the Sphinxes of Egypt contain ancient, mysterious powers. After all, the Sphinx’s perfection just can not be human crafted. Such is the case with the Sphinx in Romania. It is so powerful that the United States corroborated an effort that involved the most advanced Romanian Intelligence officials. You see, human’s were unable to enter the Sphinx without obtaining a certain special power that was crafted by secret technologies owned by the United States Government. The effort to discover and develop this power is known as Department Zero.

Once inside the secret chamber, officials were baffled by what they discovered. It was a Hall of Records. Not just any Hall of Records, but a holographic Hall of Records. It chronicled all of human history dating back to the days of the Earths origins. The Hall of Records gives people the power to see all things-- past, present, and future. It also bestows upon the viewers mysterious powers beheld by all past, present, and future generations. Not only the people but the greatest of mysteries which is what the Sphinx is known for. Things were hidden for a reason,this is a blast to opening your mind,eyes and ability to what is not known by many.

We decided to send our very own Shine to the Romanian Sphinx to see what was going on. During his investigation he was able to confirm the existence of the powers of the Sphinx as well as the Hall of Records. The powers descend from three passages, each one leading to the center of Earth. The power that was discovered, before now, has been chambered in the Sphinx. Until now, the power lied dormant; however, Shine was able to figure out a way of channeling the power that the Sphinx holds. We are offering a set of glass beads that hold the power of the Romanian Sphinx. Whoever possesses the beads will instantly be given the magical powers that the Sphinx has to offer.

The Ancient Powers of The Bucegis/STEVE-2
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