The Ark of Seven

This power is called the Ark of Seven.  The reason we are calling it this is because it bestows the powers of summoning the seven archangels of the lord.  From the earliest references in religious texts, it is well known that the seven most powerful angels of the lord are his archangels, which he has commissioned in one form or another to rule over all the other classes of angels that he has created.  You can think of these angels as the equivalent of mighty demi-gods who can gift mortal individuals with fierce powers and abilities.  Each archangel specializes in a certain form of magic.  With this item, you will receive a form of magic from each archangel that you can apply to your everyday life.  The seven archangels are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel, and Saraqael.  These are the seven powers that they bring you. 

Gabriel:  He is the messenger of the Lord who will open up your psychic intuition to receive holy, apostolic visions such as the ones he has given to Daniel, Zecharias, the Virgin Mary, and the apostle John.  

Michael:  He is the great prince who stands up for the children of the Lord.  He will protect you from all types of evil and rid evil and unrest from your life.  

Raphael:  He is the healer of the Lord.  His staff is the one that Moses' staff was fashioned after.  It is the resting place of God's magic.  It gave both Jesus and Moses the ability to perform their many miracles.  It will also grant you the ability to perform and create white light miracles of the same caliber.  

Uriel:  He is the angel whose name means the Light of the Lord.  He is the angel of prayer and repentance.  In the Bible it is said, "ask and it shall be give unto you.  With Uriel on your side, this statement couldn't be more true.  In other words this angel is the granter of wishes... every wish you've ever had.  

Raguel:  Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. I'm sure you've heard this passage before.  Well, actually vengeance is the power associated with the angel Raguel.  He is the one who carries out God's vengeance and exhibits God's wrath.  He is not to be confused with the archangel associated with protection.  He will not protect you.  Rather, he will return all inflictions and evil that comes your way, back to where it came from to haunt the sender. 

Remiel:  He is the angel that enacts the mercy of God.  For instance, he is the angel that was by Jesus' side throughout his crucifixion.  He was a constant reminder of the mercy that God shows his people through the murder of his only Son.  You can call upon this angel any time you are feeling uneasy or unsure.  He will show you the way and guide your light, leading you down paths that will lead to wealth and success.  

Saraqael:  He is the Command of God.  He is the one in charge of God's divine will.  This means he governs and has full control over what goes on in the destiny of the world.  This is the angel you will summon when you want to be able to completely change or control your own destiny. 

The Ark of Seven
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