The Atomos Pendulum

Here's the thing. Obama is feeling a little bit but hurt lately, which is why he snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu's speech the other day.  On a side note, I don't think that it is good thing that we are attempting to make a stand against Israel.  It even warns about Israel's encroaching enemies in the end of times.  It also says that the Bear and the Dragon will fall down upon the Eagle.  You will find it interesting that recently Putin has been lobbying China for financial treaties, you know, since our government decided to mind everyone else's business again and cut the Russians off.  However that's neither here nor there.  That's just a  side note.  The point is that Barack Obama is but hurt because prior to the speech that Benjamin Netanyahu gave the other day, new remains were being excavated at the site of Caesarea.  For those who don't know, Caesarea used to be a retreat for the Holy Roman Emperor.  What was found was a ground-breaking development that will change the way we live very shortly.  Obama wanted in on it, he even sent a host of his own personal explorers over to try to lay claim to the newly found archive of power and information.  They got there too late, but it doesn't matter that they got there at all.  Israel runs a tight ship and they, as the Jewish nation, need to in order to survive.  What is found in Israel is the property of Israel.  Obama came carting his own people and they were shooed away, and he got mad because he wanted in on this!  Like I said, from what I understand these discoveries are going to change the way that we live life! 

In the meantime, you all know that we have the perfect source of information when it comes to the Israelites.  This is because we keep close contact with Tomer.  He is all-powerful, immortal vampire who is of Jewish descent.  The things that he gives us usually turn out to be the most powerful that we offer.  It's just that he has been many places and has seen many things.  He was also called up by the people in charge of the excavation and asked to come help with excavation.  This is because they know that although he isn't a quote, unquote normal Israelite, he pledges his allegiance to this country and would do anything for it.  This is why the called him in for the ancient dig site that was found, because they knew that if anybody, Tomer would be able to read it better than any of the mystics that they called up.  This is how he got this piece that he sent to us.  He found it in an archaic chest that was made from the cedars of of Lebanon.  This chest was quickly and quietly dug up.  Tomer took what he wanted and a cabinet member from Benjamin Netanyahu's regime made away with the rest of the items. This is why Obama was so but hurt and snubbed him.  I guess he felt some sort of entitlement, and it shows in the policies he makes in America where people who don't work are entitled to more than the people who have to earn the same things.  It's a backwards policy and the fact that he didn't get what he want really pissed him off.  I had to chuckle when I heard that.  He's the president with all the power in the world, still getting outsmart by-- well-- basically, everyone! 

The piece that Tomer chose to send us is one that is extremely powerful.  It is a pendulum that can be used with a spirit board.  Inside the purple part of the pendulum, which is the part of the item that holds all the power and spiritual enrichment, a spirit is held.  That spirits name is Atomos, who was a Jewish Cypriot magician.  He was called in on several occasions, but most notably worked with Felix at Caesarea to help him foretell the future, cast spells, and make alchemical magic.  When Atomos died, apparently his soul was placed into this piece.  It gives the piece magic powers that will allow the one who is holding it to receive Atomos' divine powers. 

By using this piece and a spirit board, you can ask Atomos any question.  You can ask him any question about the past, future, or any current situation.  He will spell out the answer.  The piece will even go as far was hidden knowledge of spells and magic for you.  For instance, when you use this piece with a spirit board, you can ask, "Atomos, what is your spell for time travel.?"  It might take a while until you can write all of the letters down, but Atomos will undoubtedly give you the right answer.  If this way, you can pretty much ask Atomos for any power or ability and if he has the answer, he will spell it out.  This piece works like cross between a Ouija Board and a spirit pendulum.  Dangle it over the spirit board and ask it a question.  You will feel the subliminal power pulling you towards a letter that the piece will dangled over freely once it guides you there.  Then, this will be the letter you write down.  When Atomos is done giving his answers, the piece will guide you to the spot on your spirit board that indicates he is finished.   This being is all powerful and all knowing, so there won't be much he can't answer for you.  As for the rest of the chest?  You'll just have to wait and see like the rest of us...  Until then, you have the awesome powers in the Atomos Pendulum!

The Atomos Pendulum
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