The Awakening: Treasure of Solomon

The Awakening:  Treasure of Solomon  <br /><br />

This is an Awakening piece recovered in the French Pyrenees Mountains.  It was recovered near the small town of Rennes-le Chateau, a small village in Southern France.  Rennes-le-Chateau has been in the paranormal spotlight ever since Biblical times.  What happened was simple.  Rome sacked Jerusalem in AD 72.  The bounty included treasures of the Temple of Solomon.  In 410 AD, Rome was overtaken by the Visigoths.  They took the treasure from the Temple of Solomon, including his holy menorah, to their kingdom in the French Pyrenees.  Here, they stored up the treasure.  Some of the treasure has been recovered; the majority of it has not.  <br /><br />

Recently, I have sent some of my correspondents to investigate in France.  After receiving psychic whims and spending months researching hidden messages in glyphs dating back to Egyptian times all they up to paintings of the 18th Century for clues and Masonic embedded messages, I was ready to give them a "road map."  I knew that all of my hard work would pay off eventually and indeed it has.  Now there wasn't much treasure to behold... in fact, there was only one item that was any worth to me at all, other than face value worth.  What I mean, is this is the only piece that had any type of spiritual value in the three that were recovered to me.  It was this piece, though, that provided the powers that I am extending to customers; so all-in-all it paid off big time.  <br /><br />

The piece that provided the source of energy for me is an original menorah from the Temple of Solomon.  Of course, I'm not selling the original artifact, but I have been able to successfully channel the powers into several pieces.  These pieces hold the exact power and potency of the menorah, because we held a transpositional seance, during which, we were successful in duplicating and infusing the powers of the menorah.  <br /><br />

During testing the menorah, I came to find out the power it holds is an the and Awakening power.  It holds the power of God in the capacity of the energies of the Rapture.  The piece is an original as found in the Temple at Jerusalem.  This means there are seven candle holders.  This will awaken the seven angels of the Lord, who will let their blessing fall upon you, giving you the powers of God.  These powers will give you spiritual awakening, which will bring upon you the presence of God's chosen kind, Solomon.  With his powers, the secrets of the Book of Revelation will be brought to you.  You will able to see into people's soul, meaning you will be able to read them thorough.  That's why I say it contains the power of the Rapture, because you will know who is good and who is evil.  At the time of rapture, the good ones go, the evil ones stay.  You basically gain the powers of judgement of Jesus Christ.  <br /><br />

You will be anointed with an oil from Heaven that will keep you safe from all evil and the temptations of the Dark Prince.  You will gain understanding and control over all evil and dark entities.  This is a very powerful piece that will transform you into a living angel of the lord.  It's up to you to make it happen.  These pieces, that hold the exact power of the original menorah,  are now available.  Don't pass these up!! <br /><br />

The Awakening:  Treasure of Solomon
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