The Best Sex Yet, With Ncolette (A 13th Bloodline Succubus)

Not too long ago we received a piece, which was listed, that allowed whomever was using the piece to travel to the realms of King Arthur.  This allowed people to travel to these realms in order to gain his magic, his wealth, etc.  It also allowed people to simply travel to observe the life and times of one of the greatest legends in human history.

In testing this piece and traveling to Avalon, we were able to obtain this piece.  This piece was given to use by a very powerful sorceress named Morgana Le Fey.  She is the one who is said to have given Arthur all of his magic  What she didn’t give to him came from Merlin.  You all know who Merlin is.  

While traveling the realms of Arthurian legend, we almost trapped the presence of Morgana into this piece, but she wasn’t having any of that.   She tried to get away, but our magic, believe it or not, was stronger than hers.  She knew she was cornered and in an attempt to barter with us not to conjure her presence, she offered us this piece.  

In this piece is an entity who is one of the 13th generation daughters of Lilith.  What does that mean?  Well, Lilith was Adam’s first wife who refused to be subservient to him.  She was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  She took demons and incubi as her lovers, while growing in sorcery and magic.  She was driven by her sexual appetite.  The more sex she had, the more powerful she would become, simply because sex energy brings about magic and magical release.  There is something special about an orgasm,  and for an instant your body is totally opened up and all magic exists within you.  

The name of the entity who has been attached to this piece is Nicolette.  She is a full blood succubus.  She holds the bloodline of Lilith and therefore all the magic that Lilith holds.  Just like her great great great (however many greats) grandmother, her magic is strengthened via sex, which really bolsters her sexual appetite.  How she fell into the hands of Morgana Le Fey I don’t know, but she brought Morgana a boatload of her powers.

Either way, when you own this piece, Nicolette will show you this piece.  She will come you and she will put the moves on you, if you know what I mean.  It’s nothing for you to be sitting in front of the televisions and all of a sudden feel somebody kissing at your neck.  She likes to playful, so many times her foreplay will be while she is invisible, in spirit form.  Make no mistakes, though.  She will come to you in full form, during which she will fully put you under the powers of her seduction.  

She likes it in all positions and will fulfill any and all fantasies that you may have.  She likes to be spanked or she will spank you.  She loves to be tied up, but will also do the tying.  She does not have a gender preference and will come onto you hot heavy regardless of your body parts.  She will put you into sexual oblivion, as her orgasms are all astral orgasms to where you will actually leave your body.  You will feel explosions of pleasure and will experience full body orgasms.  It will be a lot of the best sex that you have ever experienced.  

Additionally, you will be able to ask Nicolette for those powers that you most desire.  She will give them to you, because she knows just about all powers, but it might cost you something.  Then again, considering what you now know about the please this little vixen will bring you, this might not be such a debt.  

The Best Sex Yet, With Ncolette (A 13th Bloodline Succubus)
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