The Blood Countess of Hungary

The Blood Countess of Hungary<br /><br />

If you aren't acquainted with the Blood Countess, allow me to introduce you.  Her name is Elizabeth Bathory and she has been convicted as one of the most prolific serial killers to have ever existed.  She was charged with 80 counts of murder, but other accounts tell the truth-- killed as many as 650 people, probably more.  They weren't just any people either.  They were virgin women, why?  Well, perhaps you will better understand once I give you her background story. <br /><br />

Elizabeth came from one of the most powerful families of nobility in Hungary.  She was the daughter of George Bathory, who was the brother of Andrew Bonaventura Bathory, a governor of Transylvania.  Her mother was Anna Bathory, daughter of Stephen Bathory, a separate ruler of Transylvania.  She was born in the Nyirbator kingdom of Hungary.  Accordingly, she spent most of her life growing up at the Ecsed Castle, where she studied and became fluent in four different languages.  She was shaping up to be a fine dignitary. <br /><br />

At the age of fifteen, in a politically arranged relationship, she was engaged to Ferenc Nadasdy and was moved to the Nadasdy Castle.  She didn't stay long, as Ferenc was sent off to Vienna for school, following which he led the Hungarian army against a war being fought with the Ottomans.  While he was gone, his wife, Elizabeth did a good job at managing her husband's affairs.  She also began to get lonley... and bored.  This is what caused the first of her dabbling in the dark arts.  <br /><br />

While her husband was off at War, Elizabeth had grown quite fond of the dark arts, hiring a group of alchemists and wizards as her personal assitants.  They taught her magic that she never before heard of and she fell captive to the promising rewards of immortality and the like.  In a very difficult and involved ceremony, she was turned into a vampire by one of her mystical assistants.  <br /><br />

After she was transformed, she had an insatiable appetite and craving for blood... but not just any blood.  She wanted-- and needed-- virgin blood.  SO four her assistants, one of whom was also a vampire, helped the Blood Countess to seek out and capture virgin woman.  After they found the virgins, they would be killed and their blood drained.   Elizabeth would then bathe in the blood of the virgins,  soaking in the innocence and inner purity of the virgin blood.  Elizabeth was quick to note that the blood of virgins is more powerful and will give you more energy in the long run.  <br /><br /><br /><br />

As time progressed her gruesome secret was found out.  Her assistants were all tried and thrown into a fire pit to burn alive.  However, in an attempt to keep the balance of the aristocracy, Elizabeth Bathory was punished with mere house arrest-- or so they though.  Actually, what would be the modern equivalent of a stunt double was put in the castle Elizabeth was locked in.  Elizabeth escaped and her current whereabouts are unknown.  Her double eventually died as her, but as you all know, vampires are immortal.  While we haven't been able to pinpoint her location, we have found one ofher "victims."  This actually works out in our favor, though.  <br /><br />

The lady, named Victoria, was one of Elizabeth's virgin victims.  Unbeknowst to anyone at all, she was reborn and has awaken as full-bred, virgin, sanguine vampire.  They are the most powerful of vampires, because as virgin vampires their powers are pure and unadulterated.  She has agreed to let her presence be channeled into this piece, as she desires to become a vampiress consort to somebody who is willing to host her.  In exchange, you will receive all of her powers.  You will receive the dual power that she practices, which comes from the white side magic, with a twist of the dark magic that her mother, the Blood Countess, created her with.  You will recieve her immortality, and if you desire you will changed into her type of vampire-- an unadulterated, full-potency, sanguine vampire.  You will become part of the bloodline of the Blood Countess and you will receive the full knowledge of the Underworld.  <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful.  Jason tested it.  During his testing he was sent into the Underworld to obtain the essence Lillith, Queen of the Damned.  He said his experience was a power rush.  It was both awe-inspiring and mysterious.  He said it left him craving more... but we're not stingy so we're offering this piece to one of our lucky customers.... perhaps you??<br /><br />

The Blood Countess of Hungary
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