The Bright One of the Skillful Hand

Lleu Llaw Gyffes, the divine warrior, is the Welsh path of the Celtic spirit, Lugh. Lleu Llaw Gyffes is the subject of a complex, mysterious myth, which begins with his surprise birth to the lunar goddess, Arianrhod. She is not a nurturing, welcoming mother but subjects him to harsh taboos, which restrict his power and growth. She denies him a name, weapons and a wife: three rites of passage required for a man of the Celtic culture. <br /><br />

The myth portrays Arianrhod in an unflattering light unless one interprets it in the context of an older lunar goddess desperately attempting to maintain her own power in the face of a tricky, skillful, brash, aggressive solar spirit. Lugh was among the most significant Gaulish deities. His Welsh and Irish myths describe his entry into their societies, the relationships he forms with some pre-existing local spirits and the resistance with which other sprits greet him. <br /><br />

Lleu Llaw is a master magician. He is clever and crafty, in all senses of that word. He is invoked to find solutions for insoluble situations and for victory when the odds are against you. In myth, Lleu Llaw does not have a lot of luck with women. His other, Arianrhod, seems to wish he would just go away. His wife, Blodeuwedd, plots to kill him. It’s likely that he’s a better ally for men. <br /><br />

If you believe that you have insurmountable problems, bring this powerful talisman into your life and Lleu Llaw will solve them for you. Nothing is beyond Lleu Llaw’s infinite power. Lleu Llaw will solve problems of the heart, the mind, the soul. He will grant you success if you have legal issues, if you are struggling with relationship difficulties, obstacles at work, financial problems. Enemies will be vanquished. Your luck will be turned around. <br /><br />

If you have tried everything else, if you believe there is no hope for you, bring this talisman into your life and you will find that all things are possible, no situation is insoluble with Lleu Llaw on your side. Victory will be yours in all matters, big or small. <br /><br />



The Bright One of the Skillful Hand
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