The Call from Beyond the Grave

The Call from Beyond the Grave
On September 12, 2008, a California commuter train ran through a red warning light, crashing into a freight train, killing 25 people.

The family of Charles Peck, knowing he was on the train, watched the news with dread waiting for news of his fate--and then they got a call. Then another, and another, all from Charles's cell phone.

One family member after another was called, with Charles's cellphone sending out 35 calls in total, at which point, ghost calls or not, we're sure they just started letting the things go to voicemail.

The police managed to find Charles's body among the wreckage by tracking his cell phone signal, but it was not a happy reunion. Charles was dead, and to this day how those calls were sent remains a mystery.

Now, how about some irony with your creepy? Guess what the train's engineer was distracted by when he ran past that red light? Yup, in a twist that would be cut from a Twilight Zone episode for being too cheesy, it was his cell phone.

** We heard this story an immediately knew that the energies as his soul passed are what triggered the calls --- he was flashing back though his life an thinking of all his family memebers and each of their numbers were called~!

Merlin began to utilize these energies by going to hospice centers and pulling in the powers when someone would pass. This may sound a bit demented, but the energies just get wasted normally -- and they are very strong.

This piece holds the passing energies of 5 different individuals -- and you will gain all of their natural born abilities that were left behind. This was tested to showcase levels of ESP, solar absorbing powers, mind manipulation, talent with painting, musical talents, triggering forth ideas from dreams and more.

Very cool piece of generative force!

The Call from Beyond the Grave
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