The Cardinal Four

In many respects, the four cardinal directions are like the four gateways of existence.  In actuality the four cardinal directions aren't just applicable earth and its existence.  Rather, these directions extend to the four corners of existence.  They are like eyes that see all.  At the end of existence, where nothing exists except for the great void, there are guardians that keep watch over their respective direction.  Through these four cardinal directions, these four ancient gatekeepers radiate energy into the universe. This energy isn't just found on Earth, but in all areas of existence.  It exists across all planets and all realms of reality.  That is because the cardinal directions are the pockets of all existence, where life is rebounded.  Existence is spherical, just like the earth and just like the orbit of the planets that circle our sun.  
Like I said, each of these gatekeepers radiates a different type of power into the universe.  This piece has been made with consideration for the gatekeepers powers.  The center stone represent mortality and life.  Each of the other stones, surrounding the center stone, represent a different direction.  Thus, each one brings you the powers of a different, corresponding gatekeeper.  We made this piece with the help of a gypsy witch who specializes in elemental powers.  The result is fantastic, as brings you the best aspects of each cardinal direction.  Below are the powers you will get.  
Due North:  This is the purples stone in this piece.  North represents adaptability, charm, and creativity.  Not only will this power allow you to better fit into your surrounding through shape-shifting, but it will also increase your intelligence and IQ-- aka your creativity.  This will allow you to communicate with all spirit forms and other types of beings around you, because all areas of your brain-- specifically those involving psychic awareness-- will experience an awakening.  This psychcic awakening brings about full faculty of your psychic imprint and will give you all psychic abilities.  Thus, you will communicate with spirits on a regular basis.  This will also allow you to be better at reading people, which will increase your charm when dealing with people.  This will allow you to control their minds in getting them to do what you want; so basically mind control.  
Due East:  East deals with trust, sincerity, love and compassion.  If we were baking a love cake, I would think those would be the four key ingredients.  Understandable, the power of the East is going to deal with your love and relationships with others.  It will first and foremost allow you to seek and find the one person who is meant to be your soul-mate-- not just in this life time, but throughout all life cycles.  It will bring passion and power to your relationship, even when needing to fulfill each other's sexual needs.  It will allow you to experience the powers of cosmological sex, which is by far the best sex in terms of sensuality and having the best orgasms.  On a lighter note, this piece will allow you sift through the fake smiles and false intentions of others.  This way you are not surrounding yourselves with a bunch of people who only want to use your for your money, time, power, etc.  You will be able to see those who are being fake with you, so that way you can drop them like the bad habit that they are.
Due South:  The South is representative of physical strength, health, immunity, longevity, vitality, and youthfulness.  As if you'd never guess, this piece is going to bring you the ability to remain young and free.  I'm not saying that this portion of the power is going to necessarily bring about immortality.  I'm not saying that it won't.  What I can tell you about it, is that it will pretty much stop any aging right in its tracks.  You will suddenly find yourself stronger and more cunning than ever before.  Your speed will increase and your energy levels will skyrocket.  It will bring you back to your glory days when you were good-looking and physically impeccable.  If you are currently in that stage of your life, then good for you, you will remain that way.  This aspect of the item also guarantees health and wellness as well as promotes weight loss.  
Due West:  West is all about the Benajamins, baby.  The energy from the gatekeeper of the West will help you increase your wealth.  In doing so, it will also increase your confidence, boost your energy levels, increase your desire to succeed.  This is the perfect equation for gaining extreme wealth.  There really isn't much more to say about this facet of the piece, other than it will bring you extreme wealth.
To use your piece, all you have to do is wear it.  The energies will naturally radiate, because the cardinal directions will always exist.  Simply wear your piece, no less, no more.        
The Cardinal Four
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