The Carnac Mage

The Carnac stones are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic structures.  They can be found around the French villages of Carnac in Brittany.  Their formations consist of alignments, dolmens, tumuli, and single menhirs.  There are more than 3,000 prehistory, standing stones.  According to archaeologists, they have been hewn from local stones and erected by the pre-Celtic people of Brittany.  The item that I have tells a different story, but we'll get to that in just a moment.  

Most of these prehistoric stones are within the Breton village of Carnac.  Some are east in a town called La Trinite-sur-Mer.  Most of the stones have been carbon dated to be from around 3300 BC, although some of them are as old as being from 4500 BC.  It seems that nobody really knows for certain why these stone have been erected, although anyone can take a guess.  One would think that these stones are a miniature, but complex version of Stonehenge, which is what I had always though until we got this piece as a result of an investigation that we entrusted to our counterparts in France.  

After receiving reports of a bothersome light among the rocks, we received a request to to see if we could determine the cause of the supernatural lights.  The origin of these lights weren't able to be discovered by normal means, which is why we were called.  We have somebody in the vicinity who we actually did a spiritual transformation for not too long ago.  She works with us on some of these investigations, so this is was the person for the job.  

After several days of intense exploration and nights of investigations, she was able to pinpoint the culprit.  It was my first experience with an entity of this kind, but is known a Korred.  They are the ancient guardian spirits of the Carnac Stones.  They have been commissioned to care for the stones, who were once humans on the pursuit of Merlin and his magic.  Merlin attempted to get away from the army that encircled him and when he couldn't, he cast a spell on the army turning them all to stone.  This is why they are perfectly aligned in neat and tidy rows.  However, not wishing to leave the humans, who didn't understand, uncared for, he commissioned an army of guardian spirits to care for the stones who are ultimately the soldiers who wanted to besiege Merlin for his powers.  

Using this piece, we have been able to extract one of the souls of the stones, or so they are called.  As this souls was placed under the spell of a wizard for thousands of years, it has had plenty of time to ferment and to grow in power.  It now contains all the knowledge and power of prehistoric wizardry.  With this piece, you will be able to summon the soul, in which case he will merge with your own soul.  Instead of inhabiting a stone standing in the field, he will co-inhabit your body with you.  This will give him a second chance at experiencing life.  It will give you the sacred knowledge of the ancient wizard's craft, namesakely Merlin.  It will bring you all the powers that a wizard has ever experiences, as this piece records every form of wizard magic every created. 

Sterling silver with rainbow moonstone
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