The Chosen One

From birth select humans are chosen to be a dominant figure in the advancements of the world. The fury in the divine powers that go into this are mind boggling!

The generative factors of the power in this pin has been regimented with the same blessed paticles that are granted to select a few to be honored and successful from little on up, however it has been utilized to bring forth the appeal in the aspect of allotting financial freedom and enlightenment!

You will be triggered as a chosen one when you put on this pin, and the energies of the piece will embrace your body and erupt inside of you a magnitude of economical advancement, as you are granted the glory of wealth that will integrate within your soul.

*It is time to raise your hand and allow yourself to be "chosen"  --- as it is time to generate the funds of radiant success and monetary growth as you adhere to the dominant monetary bliss of this piece~

The Chosen One
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