The Count of St Germain's Talon of Transformation

The Count de Saint-Germain was known as the man that could never die.  He was born in 1712, so history believes.  History also has his death as taking place in 1784, but this was a mere staging of the death of man who had no intentions of ever dying.  I know this seems a bit rash of a idea, but then again you don't know the count.  He was an extremely intelligent man and his passion for science and arts sometimes through him over the edge with the weirdest of concepts and sketch designs.  It wasn't until later in his life that he would tamper with the possibility of immortality.  

The Count could speak and write several languages including Sanskrit , Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Chinese.  Thus, he was never at a loss for communication or obtaining knowledge.  He was a skilled painter, with an extraordinary talent of mixing pigments.  Many famous painters pleaded with him to reveal his formulas, but he would not.  His knowledge of history was beyond anything you'd ever imagine.  He could recount accurate details of interactions and conversations that had happened over a hundred years before his time, for which he wasn't even present.  Or was he?  

It turns out that paint wasn't only the only thing he was mixing and his knowledge was because he had actually been these place, but the people the times were kind of very basic, so they didn't understand what the Count was up to.  He eventually became revered as an immortal, but that was later on.  In the beginning, he kind of just kept his mouth shut so people couldn't steal his secrets.  He would experiment also with mixing different types of spiritual elements from across multiple realms.  This is how he came up with his first shape-shifting piece.  It was during an alchemy experiment that he was doing, during which he crossed the DNA of a human and a wolf.  Don't ask me how this went down, because I'm not sure he even knows how it happened.  Well, at least the first time.  Eventually, before he obtained immortality, this was one of his specialties.  He would allow the people of his inner circle to use his power.  They would use the art of alchemy to mix their DNA with multiple different types of existence.  The most common of course was a wolf.  I mean, they were fascinated with old tales of werewolves, so they thought it was neat they had actually obtained this ability.  

The Alchemist, the Count of Saint Germain, is said to have lived 2,000 but I'm pretty sure that he is around somewhere.  I haven't had direct contact with him for a while.  This piece has come from his contemporaries who still practice his magic even as I am writing this description.  This item embodies all of the transformative magic that the count used in alchemy.  It will allow you to transform into any other form you choose to take.  Hence the talon... it's kind of symbolic of the first time the Count mastered this power and turned himself into a wolf.  Since then, he has mastered all types of shape-shifting from shifting to animals, to shifting to the likeness of another human being, to shifting into a different type of entity such as a fairy or an elf.  With this piece, any type of transmogrification is possibly, all you have to do is concentrate on what you want to shift into in your brain.  Eventually, you will feel yourself begin to change form and when you open your eyes, you will be whatever it is you wanted to be.  It is the original powers of the Count Saint Germain, just put into a more updated vessel.  You will not be disappointed.  If shape-shifting is what you long for-- and not just basic forms but advanced forms-- then, this piece takes the prize!   

The Count of St Germain's Talon of Transformation
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