The Crimean Chronicles

The Crimean Chronicles: Powers of an Original Shape-Shifter

The piece that you see here is as old as the tale it tells. It is a piece that I've acquired during a particularly thorough investigation that I held in France. You can rest assured that all of the pieces that are associated with what I am about to tell you will work in the fullest and their fullest respective capacities. I have run numerous tests after numerous tests on these pieces. I have used all of them personally, and will tell you that the results are definitely something worth experiencing.

To set the scene and to get the time and place right, allow me to introduce a man named Julien. Born in the mid 1800s, Julien was a typical product of his time period's society. War driven antics were nothing special in the 1800s, so when his mother country, France, allied itself with the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Duchy of Nassau, Julien didn't really think too much of it. This was nothing new in Europe's power and territory struggle.

Until the year 1853 Julien went on about his given life, with his faithful wife Elise. Things between the nations didn't settle, however, and sooner than later, Julien found himself in a compromising situation. He was ordered by the French military to deploy to the Crimean Peninsula. Soon after, in October of that same year, the allied force declared war on Russia. This was the beginning of what would come to be known as the Crimean War.

The Crimean War was a war basically fought over religious beliefs and who should control the holy lands. It is far cry from any religious belief given the fact that there were so many casualties involved. Originally, the man I mentioned above, Julien was believed to be one such casualty. However, as time would prove he was far from dead.

In fact, it was no fault of his own that he found himself in the surroundings he did. The Crimean war was notorious for tactical errors and it is no surprise that the French would leave one of their own behind, for dead. I mean, let's face it, the French Empire hasn't always been the brightest crayon the box, or the pencil with the sharpest point.

As a result, Julien was left behind on the Crimean Peninsula to fend for himself, with no supplies. This is where he met Gavriil. Gavriil had a lot in common with Julien, siting the fact that he, too, was left behind by his mother country's army. Russians are just as notorious for messing things up as as the French are. It is in this manner that the two men, Julien and Gavriil formed a small alliance of their own, with Gavriil making a solemn oath that he would do whatever it took to get Julien home to his small family.

Gavriil never really had a family of his own. What little bit of a family he did have was exploited by the Russian dictatorship for the age old secret that they shared amongst themselves. Gavriil was lucky enough to get away. Now, that he was supposed dead he had no more to worry about than finding a new place to settle down and begin a new life without the stress of having his secret constantly held over his head.

The two remained together for what seemed an eternity, forging a tight bond and relying on one another for support and assistance. They became best friends due to their system of interdependence, but what pretty much sealed the deal was the night that Julien rediscovered Gavriil for what he really was. It happened on a night in the fourth month together. The night was as splendid as any as they struggled through war torn communities together to achieve Juliette long awaited homecoming.

The night boasted a full moon and the silvery rays that lit up the pair's path cast oblong shadows on the ground around them. When Gavriil asked for a few minutes alone, Julien thought nothing of it. This type of behavior was customary between the two in such instances that one needed some alone time for grieving, for personal gratification, or to empty his bowels. However, then Gavriil didn't return for a prolonged period of time, Julien went on a hunt for him. Although alone time was considered sacred, Julien also understood the dangers that could potentially lurk in the shadows for his new found brother.

When Julien located Gavriil he found him in a state of disrepair. He was on his side, and seemed to be writhing in pain. His face was contorted in a form that might have suggested demonic possession. He began groaning, which quickly escalated into blood curdling screams that resembled the sounds a wolf might make while howling at a full moon. Julien tried to assist Gavriil, but Gavriil refused, ordering him to stand his ground and to hurry away. Julien refused though, not sure on what was going on. In fact, I don't think he, or anyone else for that matter could have been less prepared for what was about to happen.

In the light of the moon, he stood watching as Gavriil writhed and howled. He could hear his brother's body stretch and bones crack. Then, Gavriil began to sprout patchy spots of hair, similar to what would happen to somebody in they were developing a rash. All to quickly, Gavriil's body was fully amassed with hair-- hair that wasn't of a human, but rather a wolf. Then, right in front of Julien's horrified eyes, Gavriil took on the full figure of a larger-than-life wolf. He resembled a wolf, only with distinct human features. He stood upright, with a slight hunch forward. Razor sharp fangs replaced his normally full set of human teeth. His body had grown so much that his clothes had torn and hung loosely around his shoulders.

The creature shot an apologetic look in the direction of his comrade and took off, way to fast for Julien to even dream of keeping up. Julien spent the remainder of the night in a frantic, bootless search for his friend. In the morning, however, he found Gavriil asleep in the place they had made camp the night before as if nothing had ever happened. He kicked Gavriil and demanded that he wake up and give an explanation.

Gavriil's explanation is a little hard for anyone to wrap their finger around. It turns out that he is a direct descendant of a man known as Volk-Chelovek. He is a man that went before the Lycan gods, pleading them to preserve the human race during an epic battle in the Underworld. The Lycan gods heard his request and honored his bravery with a gift. Their gift to him and his descendants is the ability to be half man half wolf at their own discretion. However, there was one setback. When the moon becomes full and cast its shadow on the Earth, whomever possesses this gift will involuntarily transpose into a full form werewolf.

It took Julien a little while to comprehend, but eventually he did. The duo also eventually arrived home where they were received gratefully and triumphantly; that is, until they discovered Gavriil for what he really was-- not a werewolf, that secret was safe. Rather, the French sentenced Gavriil to be hung due to the fact that he was Russian. In an epic show, Gavriil was sentenced to beheading by guillotine. The only thing that is left of him, to this day is one of his claws. The claw that you see here is that claw.

It will give you all the powers of Gavriil, a direct descendant of Volk-Chelovek, who existed eons ago and was the original werewolf. You will have be given the ability to transmogrify at your own free will. What's even better is that during our time with this piece, we have been able to develop a shield that will prevent you from unwilling transmogrifying into a wolf. We also have unlocked an unlimited potential power, that will allow you to use this piece to shape-shift your being into any being that you can envision in your mind, real or imaginary.

You will also gain the ability to communicate with the spirits of the direct bloodline of Volk-Chelovek. With this ability you be able to enter the underworld as a Lycan, which is their world for the same the same thing. You will be received in the underworld the dignity of the original and the ancients. You will be given the secrets to their powers and power-sourcing. You will have unlimited potential with this power and you will be able to use for whatsoever your heart desires.

You will obtain the protection of the ancients that will keep your soul pure and cleansed of any imperfection. It will protect you against spiritual predators. You will not need their protection against any physical means, because you are going to gain the strength, courage and wisdom of the gods. With it you will defy all odds and there will be nothing that you won't be able to accomplish. You will receive the piece that you see here. Remember, it is the original claw of Gavriil, direct descendant of Volk-Chelovek.

Please note that the claw is bound in sterling silver and spelled out as such. if you remove the sterling there will be no protection in place and Gavriil can come forth. He is not mean but he is what he is.
The Crimean Chronicles
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