The Elven King

Recently, I was running an investigation on a piece that had the power to travel across multiple inter-dimensional realms. While I was investigating my spiritual alter ego was transposed into the dimension of Alfeim. In Alfeim, an ancient Norse dimension, I was enlightened by a race of elves known as Liosalfar. They are human sized beings, beautiful in appearance, and natured with a good-will.

The took me to their leader, Alfar, who was particularly majestic in appearance with long hair, pointed ears, and very slender features. He played a harp of gold, which he said was his greatest defense mechanism, as it puts a spell of enchantment on his adversaries. I must say, that the melodic harmony he played was rather magical. After I informed Alfar from where I had come, he cross-referenced it in his mythical Elven Book of Answers, confirmed that I wasn’t a malicious intruder and sent me on my way. Additionally, he agree to help me tap into the Elven wisdom and insight.

The piece above has been infuse with the magic of the Liosalfar Elves. It will grant its possessor all of the magical capabilities of the elves including eternal youthfulness, beauty, and charm. If will give you the power of magical enchantment over your adversaries. You will be given the ability to fight off dark entities. With his golden harp he passes down great wealth and financial freedom. It will give you protection and the ability of safe inter-dimensional travel and will shield you from harmful spiritual predators that would otherwise leech off of the energies from your soul. Finally, after my experience with the Liosalfar Elves, I can confirm that this piece will allow you the ability to travel across multiple dimensions and astral planes. I was also able to get a winning lotto scratch off and I hot the regular lottery too. I will also be using it this weekend to hit the casino and see how that goes.
The Elven King
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