The Eyes and Voice of Moralda-99

The Eyes and Voice of Moralda

Moralda was a feared witch, one that almost all witches know of. She wasn't a particularly great with powers, but she had gifts that nobody could really defend themselves against. Moralda could see all the dead, good and bad, they couldn't hide from her even if they wanted to, which most dead choose not to be seen.

She abused her powers and made the dead do evil things for her. Her favorite was to ask an evil demon which would normally posses some type of torture power and make them torture her enemies. some she would even ask to have them tortured until they went mad or when their aura turned silver.

Moralda abused these gifts because her magic was weak. She wanted to show she needed to be feared. She hated only one more than the rest, a child. A little girl with a gift. She possed the ability to be immuned to any spirits trying to cause her harm. This made Moralda extremely mad. So over the years she tried to hurt her, she tortured all her family and drove anybody away who might talk to her. She had driven her mother mad within a year of her torturous rampage. Her father killed himself after repeatedly being burned from the inside and her little sister killed by one of the girls previous friends after going mad and being convinced he would get better by killing her.

The entire town suffered horribly for years. The child that was young and meek when Moralda's rampage was now older and stronger, she had started to practice magic and was determined to make Moralda suffer herself for what she had done to her family and friends. She had made a spell that would trap Moralda in whatever she so chose and force her to use her powers when others asked, just as she had done to other dead creatures. She wanted her to feel how she had felt, trapped and in pain and all alone. She chose her this item from her mothers jewelry box so that Moralda would never forget why she her fate was so horrible.

This piece gives you the ability to see, speak to and persuade the walking dead to do you bidding. Because the girl didn't want anybody using it for evil she lower the strength of persuasion Moralda can offer. Unfortunately the girl who made this was claimed by history and her name was lost. Her great granddaughter said the name died with her mother who had told her a couple of times but she couldn't remember because she didn't believe it until when going through her mothers stuff after her death and found it and found that it had real power.



The Eyes and Voice of Moralda-99
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