The Fetching of the Amphiptere

This is a summoning power that brings about the presence of a being that dwells in caves and caverns, who has a voracious appetite for wealth.  He has the body of a serpent with a spiked tail and bone-wings that are green and yellow in appearance.  Sometimes the being has legs, but most of the time he just slithers about his shadowy domain, guarding his vast collection of treasures that he spends the nights floating around stealing like a scavenger bird.  He is called the Amphiptere.

I'm sure that you know where I'm going with this one, so I'll just get to the point.  This power summons the Amphiptere on your behalf.  It will then use its voracious appetite for wealth to search out the most unique and powerful wealth energies and abilities from across the realms.  These he will bring you on a daily basis and the sooner you begin using your piece-- we have several-- the more you can watch your wealth powers grow exponentially by the day.  These wealth powers will bring you riches and fortune beyond anything you ever would have experience from the normal walk of life without your new pet Amphiptere


There are various pairs all colorful and all powerful; you will get one pair.

The Fetching of the Amphiptere
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