The Final Part of Department Zero: The Secret Parchment

The Final Part of Department Zero:  The Secret Parchment

I've already laid the footwork for Department Zero, which is the Black Ops Division of the Romanian Government.  I've already explained how an ancient race of beings known as the Moonwalkers came to Earth from a connection that ties our planet to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.  I've also you about how the secret technology that was given to the ancient Transylvanians was hidden in a chamber beneath the Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains and that the chamber had connection running all over the world. Well, most of these connections were pretty obvious.  However, I want to tie any loose ends that may have existed with a tunnel that connects the Bucegi Sphinx to Tibet. 

Many monks practice in Tibet.  It is a place of high spirituality and great mysticism.  It also happens to be where the last leg of our journey takes us.  Trust me, Department Zero contains many other secretive missions and operations.  It is important that you know that; and so does the CIA.  It is also important that you know that.  They are in possession of many other rare items that can offer whomever has them a wealth of supernatural power.  However, this is that last part of the story of the Moonwalkers and the Holographic Records that were found in the Bucegi Mountains.

This technology was also a secret technology that came from the Europa Pyramid.  Like I told you before, the Pyramid of Europa is made of all gold, but is still the embodiment of life.  It lives and it breathes. It eats information and is extremely knowledgeable of all things.  It gives the secrets behind what it means to live and how, if you become one with yourself and the universe, you have the key to opening the door to a universal powers that is stronger than all others.  It is the presence of all powers and ability to know, see, and do all things.  I"m not just talking about things of this world... I'm talking about all things, ever, period. 

The Secret Parchment is a Tibetan Scroll on which the secrets of Universal Longevity have been written down.  It contains the secret of obtaining immortality as long as the blueprint for life and existence.  This piece replicates the Secret Parchment in an energetic form.  It holds the ability to be heighten above all existence, to know things that nobody else knows, and to part of the universal cosmic energy flow, of which all things living and non-living were born.  It contains the secrets and meanings of life. It contains the moderate wisdom of the universe and of all existence.  It contains flow of all powers and energies.  This allows you create any power that you want to create.  It also gives you the ability communicate with all beings and to create your own beings. 

This power will redesign your soul and shape it into a powerful starbase, a race of beings that hold all the knowledge to the universe.  The universe will still exist, but it will also exist holographically inside of you.  You will become an entity that is descended of the universe, but is the universe at the same time.. . kind of like the Moonwalkers are descendants of the pyramid but are part of the pyramid at the same time.  This is a very extreme form of power and will awaken and reform you true universal existence. 

This power was developed by the Moonwalkers and hidden in a Tibetan monastery.  While testing the prior piece, the Holographic Hall of Records, I was able to locate the item, which Adita eventually secured for me.  Now, we are passing it on to that one lucky customer! 

This is a pendant in sterling silver.


The Final Part of Department Zero:  The Secret Parchment
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