The Fourth Blood Reich<br /><br />

Searching the world for magic can be an exhausting feat to accomplish. However, once you find the magic you are looking for it can be very rewarding. I have spent the last five years searching for the most unique magic that I could possibly find. I have finally wrapped up this project and I am ready to share my results.

I will showcase the powers and magic that I have discovered in a ten part series. The series will be called “Through the Eyes of the Occult”, as you see above, and will be able to be found on the website by simply searching that name of the title. Each showcase will feature one unique item that is proprietary to the power source from which it comes. This is going to be an interesting experience and you are going to want to own at least one of the unique powers-- read on, I guarantee it.

For as long as I can remember the German culture has caught my attention, so it comes as no surprise that I am excited to offer you this piece. I received this piece from a top secret source that I am in connection with that belongs to a group that calls themselves the Fourth Blood Reich.

The Fourth Blood Reich is Masonic organization that exists in underground Germany. They influence many things from business, to media, to government. They are a very powerful group that practices the most powerful dual core alchemy that can be found in Germany.

The group, as you can suggest , has just one more secret. It was founded by a vampire overlord that has actually existed here on Earth for about 1400 years. This means that he is very powerful and very knowledgeable. He was there for the First World War and the Second. He served under Hitler and witnessed the terrible things that he did to the Jews. He couldn't get tried for war crimes, because technically, he never existed.

After the fall of the Third Reich, our vampire friend, who goes by the name Klaus, decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. He developed a cult of followers by giving them his supernatural divination and changing them into children of the night. They have been able to maintain their power, by keeping their identities under wrap, living and thriving in complete secrecy.

However, I have a once in a life time opportunity for the lucky taker of this piece. The piece that you see here is an original Fourth Blood Reich initiation piece. It is used while inducting those who want to be part of the Reich. It is Sterling Silver and has been infused with vampire spirits from the Underworld. It will give you all the powers and abilities of a vampire overlord. You will obtain the secrets to a dual core, white and black magic.

You will be given the opportunity to be changed into one of the Fourth Blood Reich vampires. You will be visited in your sleep by a vampire elder who give you an ultimatum. Either you can stay in your human form with the powers of a vampire, or you can be changed into a vampire, which will render you a manifestation of pure magical ability. Either way this piece is going to work for you, and is going to work good.

Actually, I tested this piece out myself, opting not to become a vampire, but even the powes that are manifested to you as a human are magnificent. You will receive the piece that you see here, which remember, is n original piece from the Fourth Blood Reich.

The Fourth Blood Reich<br /><br />
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