The Golden Lord of Wealth, Kubera

The wealthiest of Gods within the Hindu faith is, none other than, Kubera.  Kubera, is the Celestial Banker and has lordship over all of the world's treasures and is responsible for distributing them, accordingly, to one's particular destiny- based upon karmic design.  The greater your destiny, the greater your wealth; the poorer your destiny, the poorer you are- pretty simple.  This piece will make you more favourable to the Kubera and appearing more deserving will entitle you to more wealth than originally allotted- which will also improve the outcome of your fate, in turn making you more fitting for even more rewards; and so on and so forth- exponentially.  Once you have acquired this wealth- Kubera will help you maintain and keep it, all the while continuing to amass more and more of it.  It may seem to start out meager at first, but with each increase for each, it will expand and your life will improve right along with it.  To receive the gifts of Kubera- place this piece on or near the change you have on you and he will notice the error that has been made and see that you are not receiving your due and will make the proper adjustment and re-align things in your favor.  As most deities consider themselves to be incapable of such mistakes- he will continually check on you and see that you're receiving what your meant to get- and with each improvement he will correct the issue over and over again.  

The Golden Lord of Wealth, Kubera
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