The Graveyard of Unwritten Books ~LW roop

Recently, I came across a piece from France. In particularly, it is a piece from the Hotel de Sens in Paris. It was sent to me as a gift from an old friend of mine, Jade, who went to study in France after high school. It is said that in the courtyard at the back of the hotel there is a secret passage that opens from a crevice in a mossy wall. Through a network of mazes and secret passages, including having to lower yourself into a well, lies the Graveyard of Unwritten Books.

In the Graveyard of Unwritten Books are books written, unwritten, and yet to be written. Herein lies vast wealth of all thing both old and new. There are magical chambers that tell what has happened, what is currently happening, and what will happen.

My friend Jade and her small team of paranormal investigators were able to find the graveyard and channel the knowledge into multiple pieces, a few of which she gifted me. The piece above came from the Graveyard of Unwritten Books and exhibits all of the powers generated from this wealth of knowledge. If you possess this piece you will be defined by extreme intellect. You will hold a wealth of knowledge related to the abilities of white and black magic. You will know how to cast ALL spells, as the graveyard holds ALL secrets. You will be given the knowledge to magically open up completely different realms, parallel universes, and astral plains. You will be give the knowledge of creation and be able to find peace and truth in knowing the secrets of existence. Finally, you will be able to Speak the Language of the Dead, giving you the power of communication between spirits of the past, present, and future. You also have all access to all grimoires at your disposal through holographic form.

If your a writer this would also be a great piece because you can write of things to come long before they will be here,therefore making you a wonderous success!

This piece we believe is part antique gold but we did not test it for it's metal.
The Graveyard of Unwritten Books ~LW roop
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