This piece is actually a duplicate piece that I've had for awhile that I actually made by accident one time, because I thought that somebody needed an extra copy.  It is a copy of one of my most favorite piece.  I originally found the item during an investigation of a local church that was said to have been partaking in "after hours" satanic rituals.  It turned out that the claims were false, that there were no rituals going on.  The church was merely very old and run down.  Sometimes when things appear spooky to people, they make up their own minds about what's going on.  Such was the case.  However, my investigation wasn't done in vain, as I made a connection with a piece that found in one of the drawers by the pulpit, where they keep extra communion materials.  I'm not really sure what the item was doing there and I found out from the priest later that the item was only there for decoration, that nobody has put it there for any particular reason.  As a result of debunking the myth that he and his church leaders were not taking part in black masses he allowed me to keep the item.  

The item has been like my sidekick ever since.  If any of you know me on a personal level, you know that one of my areas of spiritual expertise is spiritual exorcism.  It doesn't necessarily have to be exorcism of demons, it can be exorcism of any type of spirit bad or good, that is unwanted.  I have been working on this ability for years, because it is something that I'm naturally good at, being that I am of pure white light.  

As for the piece, it invokes an entity known as the Healing Serpent.  I'm honestly not sure where the powers in this piece came from, as in how they got there.  All I know is that when I picked up the piece, I made an immediate connection with it.  The spark was strong and it wasn't long before I realize what the entity was inside of the item.  Even since then, it has travelled with me on ever account of spiritual or demonic possession that I have investigated.  In the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament, God sent a plague of snakes to beset Israel.  The were biting and killing may of God's chose people.  God instructed Moses, his prophet to smelt a bronze snake and place it in a pole in the ground.  It was to be in plain view of the Israelites.  People who had been inflicted were instructed to look at the snake upon which they would be completely healed.  It was said that the eyes of the snake contained the pure presence of the Holy Spirit.

This item has helped me on many a cases of spiritual takeover.  Whether somebody needed an excosim or they merely needed a spirit eztracted from their being, this piece has worked.  This piece contains the original spirit of Moses' bronze healing  serpent.  I'm keeping the original, but I have made a copy.  Using this piece you can summon the presence of the sacred healing serpent and ultimately the presence of the Holy Spirit.  You can use this piece during white light healing ceremonies including exorcisms or baptism.  If you gaze at it long enough, you will also be able to put yourself into a trance, during which you will be able to see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit to gain his white light magic.  It is a simple, but very powerful item.  As long as you are devoted to the power in this piece, it will be devoted to you.  You will gain not only the ability to extract unwanted demons and such, but also the ability to understand and perform divine, white light alchemy, as  a means of banishing evil spirits and improving your own overall magic ability as well. 



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