The House Ghost of Phii Ruan

Not all ghosts are dangerous or troublesome. Some are friendly, helpful, and protective. Phii Ruan are such ghosts, committed to serving as guardian spirits. <br /><br />

The Phii Ruan is usually assigned a special spot in the home, typically atop a high shelf against an inner wall, in the heart of the home. The Phii Ruan moves through the home or wherever it wishes but this is the equivalent of their room or personal space. Offerings are placed here. It is where the Phii Ruan is formally addressed when its help or guidance is needed. The Phii Ruan is responsible for guarding the family’s well-being and interests. As the family’s representative from the Other Side, it protects against malicious spirits and spiritual attack. Its help may be requested in times of illness, financial difficulty, or stress, such as before marriage proposals or job interviews. <br /><br />

To make an offering to the Phii Ruan, provide it with fresh flowers, candles, incense, food and beverages your family enjoys, a portion of whatever everyone else is eating. <br /><br />

The Phii Ruan that has been bound to this talisman will serve to protect you and your family from dangers and threats of any kind. It will keep your home free from evil spirits and dark forces. It will keep you safe from the evil eye and curses that may be cast upon you. It will also heal suffering of any and all kinds: eradicating financial difficulties, eliminating debt, ensuring that any ventures – whether academic, creative, professional, legal or romantic – are successful. It will see that you and all members of your family are kept healthy, healing all emotional, spiritual and physical ailments. It will solve all problems and will ensure that your household is one of abundance, love and joy. Nothing will go wrong in your life or the lives of your loved ones once you bring this wonderfully benevolent Phii Ruan into your life. <br /><br />

All it asks in return is that you provide it with a dwelling place in the heart of your home. <br /><br />



The House Ghost of Phii Ruan
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