The Island of the Sun

The Plateau of Collao is situated in the Southern Highlands of Peru, more than twelve thousand feet above sea level. Situated on the plateau is the sacred Lake Titicaca. The lake’s name was manipulated by the Spanish conquistadors from the lake’s original name, Titi Karka, which is Aryan for, “grey puma.” The lake is also known as Mama Kocha, or, “mother lake.”

As legend will have, mountain god, Apus, was angered by human arrogance. He sent a plague of pumas upon the people; however, when the other gods saw how much destruction and turmoil the pumas were causing their people, they began crying. The cried so much that they filled up the great basin that is now Lake Titicaca. When the gods began to cry and the basin filled up, it killed all of the human and animal life. The sun god, in turn, created two brand new humans out of the rocks and called them Mama Occla and Manca Capac. Upon the their creation, the new humans discovered the dead bodies of pumas, dead and floating in the tears of the gods, thus naming the body of water Titi Karka.

Strewn across Lake Titicaca are 41 islands, the two most sacred of these being the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon. On these islands are the ancient ruins of the shrines once dedicated to the gods of the sun and moon, respectively. In the northern part of the Island of the Sun, there is a town that goes by the name of Challapampa. This is where my interest is sparked, because within the town of Challapampa is what is referred to as El Labarinto (The Labyrinth). El Labarinto is a vast maze-like complex of stone walls that, at one point in time, belonged to an Incan Temple complex. Inside the labyrinth there is a well, that is said to contain sacred water, that the Incan people used to purify themselves. My next mission?? Find out what is going on in Challapampa and what is so special about this well.

So... I booked a flight to Peru. When I arrived, I sought out the help of the locals, hiring a tour guide to acquaint my investigation team and I with the terrain local terrain. The tour guide showed us around, taking us across Lake Titicaca to the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon. Both places were magnificent, oracles in their own respect, to a world that has been distinct for centuries upon centuries.

Post-tour, we set base on the Island of the Sun. Then we set out to begin our investigation into the town and the well. Upon entering the ruins, we came across some interesting hieroglyphics, which were translated by the locals. The one which stuck out the most was a particular image, that told the tale of the, “One who never sleeps.” Later this same entity was referred to as the, “Rightful heir of the throne of the Night Walkers.” We investigated El Labarinto several times over and weren’t able to come up with anything, until one of our team members found a secret passage way leading to a stone chamber that housed the fabled well. Written on the chamber wall was an ancient hieroglyphic, translating the secret of the ancient well.

The old tale behind the well is that the Incans would come to drink the water in the sacred well, which would grant them spiritual purity. We know now that the well is something different entirely. When the ancient Incan gods began to cry, they flooded the area, killing all animal and human life, as told. What we didn’t know is that they were in such pain and anguish that they cried enough to drown an entire ancient city. The city, referred to as Wanaku, or the lost city, was once a thriving Incan city; however, when the Incans became arrogant, and Apus decided it was time for them to learn their lesson, the God of the Underworld, in search of souls, came to the people to bargain with them. In exchange for their souls he would offer them immortality. When the pumas came and the floods rose, the people were transformed into a race of underwater vampires, known as aquatics surfacing only to feed.

After the creation of the Mama Occla and Manca Capac, the Incan Sun God had the temple and well built. Abiding over all things and having supreme power, the Sun God closed off all the entrances to Wanaku, let alone the well that he just built. He locked the well entrance with sacred water that the aquatics couldn’t cross. The water in the well doubled as a source of spiritual purification and fortification. And the Incans who drank the water would be safe from the hunger of the aquatics.

During our investigation, with the help of our tour-guide-turned-translator, we were able to open the seal, which imprisoned the aquatics, just long enough to infuse the piece above with the spirit of an aquatic. Additionally, we were able to infuse the piece with the power of the ancient Inca well, which will keep your aquatic at bay and allow you to use him at your full and sole discretion, maximizing his capabilities. When you possess this piece, you will be given all the abilities bestowed from the Incan God of the Underworld onto his race of vampires, known as aquatics. First and foremost, you will be given immortality. You will be given the ability to change yourself into an aquatic. You can also change others, although I DO NOT condone changing others against their will. You will be given hydrokinetic powers that will allow you to control, generate or absorb water. Additionally, you will given spiritual cleansing, which will purify and fortify your spiritual being, enhancing your ability to communicate and perform powers on any astral plane. You will given the ability to perform spiritual cleansing for others, as well. You will receive the piece depicted above. We believe that this piece is made out of Ivory. It is very old. It is about a size 9.

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