Lady Gaga was right, Judas was a holy fool.  Even though Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him, he allowed Judas to kiss him on the cheek, as was customary in those days.  Judas knew the whole time; he is the true definition of two-faced liar.  I don't like those types of people, but Jesus is a much better person than I'll ever be.  This is how he was able to not just forgive Judas, but forgive him in advance for the ultimate betrayal that he was about to commit.  So, the story goes that Judas was paid a certain sum of money and gave him over to the enemy for execution.  It was a pretty crappy scenario, but I guess it had to happen to fulfill the prophecy of the Bible.  It's not that Judas WANTED to betray his lord, but the sum of money the Romans were paying was beyond belief for those days.

The money didn't really do him much good, as he didn't really get much of a chance to use it.  In his grief, Judas hung himself. This wasn't the end of the road for Judas, though.  He was cursed to return to the world as the living dead, in vampire form.  He is to walk the earth in vampire form, feasting on the blood of the innocent.  This he is damned to do until Satan is once again locked in the pits of Hell, where Judas Iscariot will join him for eternity.  Until then, Judas will roam the Earth in vampire form, with no soul.  Even though it's his own fault, I'm sure you can imagine he had a bit of a vendetta against the church, who are the saved people of God and Christ.  Thus, he has made quite the career of terrorizing the constituents of the church, possessing their souls, mutilating their animals, cursing their homes.  This is why it has been customary for every leader of the church, beginning with the very first pope to receive a vampire hunting kit.  This kit contained a variety of things, the best of these being a piece from the Judas Tree.  

Nobody knows the particular whereabouts of the Judas Tree or how to locate it, except a secret fraternity called the Keepers of the Tree,  They make sure nothing happens to the tree.  They also gather sap from the tree that will later be turned into amber and set into an item that will be put into the Pope's welcoming vampire hunters kit that he gets upon taking his office.  This ring is very important for several reasons.  First, it saves the Pope from ever falling victim to possession of any type.  Second it works like a radar, that when worn, will point out the immediate whereabouts of any vampiric entity that is in the area.  It will locate them like a GPS locates where you're going.  This way, they can vanquish the evil powers that the vampire might try to impose.  If they are light vampires then they pretty much just leave them alone.  

The point is that this piece is a ring that was given to the most previous Pope upon his appointment, with his secret vampire kit.  You don't really have to worry about how we got this piece.  You already know that when it comes to the Vatican our sources must remain anonymous.  The important thing is that we got this piece.  It was worn by Pope Benedict during his most recent Papal reign.  It was made out of sap from the Judas Tree that was turned into Amber.  This ring is fantastic powers.  First it will give you longevity of life and impeccable health.  Have you ever noticed how the Popes live to be like 1,000,000 years old?  Yeah, this is why.  Second, it will give you the ability to locate all vampires in your immediate vicinity.  Even those that put on a fake guise will be detectable to you, and you will be able to approach them for their power.  Of course, if they refuse, you can use the next piece in this piece.  The final power in this piece is that it will allow you to siphon powers from all vampires, when you come across them.  This means that whatever powers they have, you will be able to pull from other vampires and strengthen them using the replication power this piece holds.  It is a very powerful, eternal type of power.  If you are into vampires, then this is pretty much the everything piece for you!   

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