The Legion of 5-- Divine Wealth of God

It's not often that a piece as rare and personal as this come along; however, when they do I can pretty much guarantee that they are in a classification all of their own.  They are usually among the most powerful items that we offer here at Haunted Curiosities.  This piece is no exception; and to be honest with everyone I wasn't really expecting this piece and I have no idea why I was selected to receive.  My only guess is that I am supposed to, literally, share the wealth.  

The other night as I slept, I dreamt that I was on plain apart from our own.  I really thought it was just a dream, but you know God can work in mysterious ways and it turns out that I was dreaming, but at the same time my spirit was actually manifested into a portion of the Kingdom of Heaven-- the portion of Heaven where all of Gods deepest secrets are created and stored.  It is the place where all the secrets of the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant are all kept and manifested.  Within this realm I was taken to a field of golden wheat.  Not just golden colored wheat-- but actual GOLD with a soft, silky consistency. It was wealth in its most pure form and it went on FOREVER as if I was in the middle of a golden sea.  

I touched the gold and was filled with an energy so powerful that I felt like I might burst.  It was then that I noticed the 5 iron scythes in the background.  Each one had a name and as I watched they became larger and larger.  Finally when the reach a very large size they began reaping the harvest of God's wealth.  I was beginning to wonder what it all meant, when they started piling the fruits of their harvest at my feet.  My stack began to grow and eventually got so big that it towered over me, at least five times my size, if not more.  

It was then that the "wind" began to blow-- a warm and divine energy that sent the gold that had been set by my feet into a frenzy as if I was on the inside of a very immense snow globe.  The scythes stood still a white light beamed from the East; and not to sound cliche, but at the end of the light was the piece that we are offering with this description.  When I awoke in the morning with the EXACT same piece in my hand, I knew what had happened wasn't a dream.  It was a vision-- some sort of calling.  

I immediately began testing this piece and it didn't take longer than a few days to realize the epic proportions of the powers that are confined in such a relatively small item, comparatively speaking.  It turns out that this piece is a manifestation from a Legion of Wealth Angels, that I am simply calling the Wealthy Legion of 5.  With this piece, you gain the powers of 4 angels and 1 archangel.  They are all very powerful angels of God.  In accordance to my visions, these angels will act as scythes that will go before you to reap divine wealth, to stack in that feet of your mortal life.  However, these angels will also "lay riches up in Heaven" for you, in accordance to the Bible in Matthew Chapter 6, Verses 19 and 20.  

Below are the bios of the five angels you will be receiving.  They will all be working for you on a constant and continual  basis, to bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams.  You can also call upon any of them at any time.  My best advice concerning the new wealth you will amass:  give God his due.  

Archangel Raziel
He is the angel with the name that means "secret of God".  This is because he is the angel that records the history of Heaven and everything that God says and discusses.  He is the angel that wrote the information in the book known as the Book of the Angel Raziel that was read to Adam in the Garden of Eden.  His powers of divine magic and knowledge will help you manifest the abundance and prosperity you are seeking.  

Angel Gadiel
His name literally means "God is my Wealth".  He is known as one of the most holy angels and one of the oldest, as well.  Gadiel will bring forth wealth by showing you the best direction to take in your life.  This will create abundance and wealth, because he obviously knows the paths that will be most successful for you as he holds the divine knowledge of these things from the Book of Life.  He will also work to free you of any blocks or negatives that are affecting your road to wealth, by giving you spiritual cleansing and white light baptism.  

He is an ancient angel that is the ruler of the Order of the Seraphim.  He is known to bring good fortune.  It's not enough to just have wealth, because if you have bad fortune what are you going to do with it?  This angel's name literally means, "God's Blessing" and that is exactly what he is going to bring you-- blessings of peace and good health, so that way will be able to enjoy the vast quantification of wealth that this item is going to bring to you!

He is the angel who bears the name the means "recompense of God".  He is adored as the single most generous angel among all the angels of God and is known as the gracious gift giver.  He will help you manifest Heaven on Earth as he will bring you unexpected gifts and miracles.  While the other angels work to attract wealth and prosperity and point it in your direction, Gamaliel is the one who will bring you more instant and immediate gratification through his giving of gifts.  This is the energy that can be invoked when playing the lottery, receiving inheritances, receiving law settlements, etc.  

His name means "the opener".  He is the one whose powers you will encounter first.  He goes before the other four angels to open your soul and ready you to receive the blessings of God that you are about to receive.  Not just anyone can receive the direct blessings of God's wealth without being prepared, so this angel is the one that is going to give you spiritual rebirth and the ability to comprehend on a heavenly level.  He is going to open up all your sense, including all of you psychic senses, and manifest your soul to receive the blessings of abundance, extreme wealth, and the powers that the other four angels are going to shower you with! 


This is Sterling silver with real blue Topaz and the stones hold the power of the walkway in Haven that the angels walk on. This is a superb piece!

The Legion of 5-- Divine Wealth of God
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