The London Exorcist

There are many forms of existence on the face of the Earth that we live on.  Of course, if you are an avid follower of HC, then you know that we encounter all sorts of paranormal and unexplained occurrences and deal with rare forms and beings on a daily basis.  It should come as no surprise to you, then, that we are all pretty experiences when it comes to exorcisms.  I have personally dealt with two myself and I know that Deedee has performed many more herself.  There is nothing taboo about performing these exorcisms and most of the time, the person who is receiving the exorcism turns out in much better shape than he or she was in the first place.  The thing is that in today's society people have become so rapped up in only believing what they can see.  They no longer want to believe and allow their minds to wander.  Society has told them that if the can't tangibly feel it then it isn't good.  Then, there are the prolific Bible bangers that insist that is it isn't in the Bible, then it MUST not be true.  Well, people I'm here to tell you that the Bible is a man-made thing.  It sets a good premise but there are other things that exist besides what is written in what, comparatively speaking, is such a small account of existence.  In fact, believers have become so scant that even people to DO believe in the Bible and good and evil no longer believe in spiritual possession because their minds have become so flat and watered down, that if they can't see it then it simply doesn't exist to them.  How sad, right?
If you are still one of the believers, then please.... for your own sake read on.  Like I was saying before there are plenty of other forms of existence in the world.  There are many incarnate forms that are based solely on the fact that they exist in spirit form.  For instance, a lot of vampires are only manifested in carnal form because they were spirit form vampires that have a assumed a carnal vessel.  The same goes with witches, werewolves, wizards, demons, angels, etc.  In fact, humans are nothing more than spirit forms that exist deep within a mortal container that will eventually die off.  We will shed our bodies to live in true spirit form, kind of like locusts to in the summer when the leave all their stupid crunch shells everywhere-- but you get the point.  Anyhow, the truest of existence is when spirits possess a carnal or even mortal container, or a body.  It is the basis for existence... if you don't want to take my word for it, read any religious account of creating when some God or another has breathed life into a body of some sort.  It is truth, folks!!  

This piece comes an investigation in London-- probably one of the most supernatural cities on the face of the world.  It is a haven for creatures and underground occults of all sorts.  It holds a place of seniority such as Rome or Alexandria, where there are masses of elite and underground magical societies.  This ring once belonged to a sorcerer who has had it enchanted with the most powerful form of exorcism energy.  During a conjuring session it was given the powers of Amun-Ra and his lifecycle Ouroboros.  It has been used to perform many exorcisms for many decades.  This item was once a possession of an entity simply known as the London Exorcist.  Nobody really knows whether he is a man or something else because he never appears to the people outside of his ritual robes and exorcism mask-- it's kind of like a Batman thing.  This piece was a favorite of his for years and years.  I'm not really sure how we ended up with it.  All I know is that we did.  

This piece will allow you to perform exorcisms for multiple purposes.  At face value, this piece will allow you to perform exorcisms on those who have been possesses by some sort of spirit-- whether it be a demon, a vampire, a werewolf, whatever.  This piece will extract the undesired from an individuals body.  This is the obvious purpose of this piece.  However, you can also use this piece to start a collection of rare souls that will give you all the powers that you want.  You can horde them in this item.  You can also use it to draw the powers and abilities of other people to keep for your own.  This is why this piece is so lucrative and power-- it will virtually give you access to any and all powers abilities that you want.  As long as you can physically encounter it, you can use this piece as a vacuum to suck it up and use it.  This applies to both magic and spirit forms.  You will NOT find another exorcism piece as unique and powerful as this one. 
I believe this is one of the most powerful religious pieces because not only are you protected but you can use it in all kinds of ways. This is in sterling silver and can be worn by a man or a woman.
The London Exorcist
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