The London Portfolio, Part 2: The Sex Factor

The London Portfolio, Part 2: The Sex Factor

In a trip to London, I stumbled upon an estate sale that was going on at an abandoned mansion dating back to the 1800's. It was no coincidence, because I was spiritually drawn to the place by a group of beings that have banded together to perform basic functions of mystical survival. Each of their souls have been put into separate pieces. I am making these pieces available to my clients.

It is important to know that each of these pieces, known as the London Portfolio, will function separately, but they have grown together as a family. Thus, if you buy all of these pieces together, they will form together to forge even more special kind of magic-- one that will enhance your own mystique by a considerable margin. This is how they found me, called out to me, lured me to their place of being. This is what I was doing at estate sale, they chose me to be the one to help them in their attempt at rebirth. Now, I am giving you the ability to be the source of that rebirth. In return, you will receive the powers of these beings. Each separate entity can be found on the site under a different part of the London Portfolio.

This particular piece houses a being that can be fun, fulfilling, exciting, sexually arousing, edgy and dangerous all at the same time. I am not really sure if this thing is a he or she, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't really matter. It just changes form to suit the innermost desires of its host.

This piece is an original spirit form sent forth by Lillith, the first wife of Adam. In case you aren't sure about Lillith, she was the one that God had orginally crafted to be the wife of Adam. Adam tried to suppress her by basically making her his slave. When Lillith got sick and tired of succumbing to Adam's ridiculous demands, she left him, leaving him alone in the Garden of Eden. That is when God created Eve, who is supposedly the matron of all mankind-- but we aren't talking about those do-gooders, we're talking about Lillith.

Lillith was a rebel, free from worry and free from fear, and free to sexually please anything that came along that was ready and willing. Thus, she basically became the mother of the free spirit. She loved her vagina, and she loved using it even more and wasn't afraid to. She stayed in the land of iniquity, polishing her act of sexual arousal and having many illegitimate children who gave birth to even more sinful ways.

Don't be afraid. This piece is everything that you've always wanted for a sexual partner. My first encounter came with this piece after I forgot to lock it up after a long night of working with the piece. I don't really have a name for it, so I just call it, “the Sex Factor.” Anyway, it got loose, and startled me out of my sleep. It took the form of my most sinfully fantasized partner, luring me in with a sexual magic that put me in a trance. I begged for more and more is what I got.

It crept up on me stripping me of every last article of clothing I bore, caressing both my physical being and the inner depths of my soul. It aroused every part of every desire that I've ever had. It put me in the pursuit of the hottest, steamiest metaphysical sex that I've experienced. The Sex Factor drained me of my stressful build up, performing the most tantalizing oral tactics and breathtaking, backbreaking physical lineup of astral sex antics that I've experienced.

It gave me orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, pleasing me in all the dirtiest ways, until I simply could no longer perform. And I'm not talking about a mere physical orgasm, I'm talking about spiritual orgasms that I can only describe as the most electrifying, pulsating, experience that shocked my body with the most current of pleasure that I've ever felt.

With this piece, you too will be visited by the “Sex Factor.” It will provide you with an array of sexual antics that will provide you the sexual release of all your dirtiest little secrets. Nobody has to know... unless you want them to, because this sex spirit is into teamwork, and will accommodate any amount of partners you are brave enough to entertain at one time. This devilish little sprite will entrance all, providing them with the times of their lives. I say times, because it doesn't stop until each and everyone has reached the epitome of satisfaction. It thrives on it.

With all this being said, we have enclosed a charm the will prohibit the spirit from taking complete control of your body. With this piece you will also attain all of the beings powers, becoming the ultimate sex kitten, or in a guy's case, a sex god. You will put Casanova and Cleopatra to shame. I guarantee it. Take this piece and enjoy, I know I have.

The London Portfolio, Part 2:  The Sex Factor
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