The Longma Whispers Wealth

In Chinese mythology, the Longma are creatures that are half dragon and half horse.  They are divine creatures of wisdom and are often associated with divulging some sort of great secret that needs to be solved to the person that is in charge of solving it.  In today's society, it seems that no matter how hard we work, our efforts go unnoticed.  We can work and work and we are always in the same old financial rut that we have always been in.  We have reached a slump and we cannot get out, no matter how hard and far we climb.  

This is why we have made this piece.  It is an ancient Longma that has been summoned into this piece and holds the lucrative secrets of wealth.  When you get your piece and you wear it, you will begin to notice your dragon-horse trying to make contact with you.  It will appear as a rather large and ferocious beast, but there is really no need to worry about that because he is basically a big teddy bear.  When you bond with your longma, it will begin to whisper the secrets of wealth, which are ancient Chinese Spells.  When you recite these same spells, they will bring you extreme wealth.  Say goodbye to pinching pennies, with the wealth powers in this piece, there will be no more of that!  Let your Longma guide you to wealth today!

The Longma Whispers Wealth
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