The Manouham Crypts

On the Tropic of Capricorn, there exists an island with known as Manouham. It is crossed by two rivers and is inhabited by two tribes of cannibals. The first tribe, the Kirstrimaux are a group of warriors. The second tribe is the Taouaous, a group of poets and philosophers. The best-known feature of the island is are the bizarre tombs, which are cut open on one side to show the body in a fetal position. The dead are buried with all of their worldly possessions, food, and drink. The weird positioning of the tomb suggests that Earth is the mother of us all.

The island is prehistoric. It is fabled that the volcanic rock of the island holds magical powers, although, due to lack of records, there are no reports of what these powers may be or if these magical powers even exist. This is our specialty, so we prepare a small team for an investigation to Manouham Island.

When we arrive at Manouham Island, it looks almost as primitive as it sounds. We find lodging for our stay, and settle in to begin our investigation. There are many poor peddlers on the island, so we hire one to show us around. We get straight to the point, exploring the tombs for anything otherwise abnormal. There is nothing. We decided to give it a rest and come back and check the place out at nighttime.

Night falls, and sporting the same peddler guide, we take to the tombs once more, this time not in vain. We stumble across a tomb of particular interest. It seems to have its own gravitational pull, luring us to the tomb, so we stick with our intuition. Upon entering the tomb nothing seems out of the ordinary, and we were actually about to leave until we noticed a small spring cutting across the floor of the tomb. We followed it to the far side, where the spring just vanished underneath the wall of the tomb. In the wall were etched two handprints, as if some ancient man had been finger painting. I matched my hands up the hands on the wall and the entire room became emblazoned with a fierce light that was glowing a deep reddish color. Everything began to swirl, as if in one big massive whirlwind and I found myself catapulted through a dimensional gateway into a dark, dank dimension that could only really satisfy one description-- the Underworld. As I explored my surroundings, I thought that maybe it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

That was until I was captured by one of the Queen’s succubae and taken to the her as a prisoner. I can only use one analogy to encountering the Queen of the Underworld-- the head vampiress: It was like witnessing the second coming of Christ. I was in awe. Here, before me, stood the most beautiful creature I had ever encountered. She wore a robe of crimson satin with silver embroidery. It was decorated with rubies, sapphire, and diamonds. She was pale-- almost translucent--- and she radiated in all her splendor, lighting up the room. She gave off a sexy vibe and seemed to fill the room with a presence of overwhelming sexual presence. She drank thick, dark, rich blood from a goblet that was hand-crafted of the finest gold. And while I stood there admiring her beauty, I couldn’t help but to wonder if I would be her next meal.

I wouldn’t be though. It turns out that she was just as interest in my existence as I was in hers. She needed help in opening the portal between her world and ours. She wanted my assistance to return to Earth so she could take vengeance upon her adversaries who seal the portal door, trapping her in her own hell for centuries. In return, she would spare me my life, and guarantee a safe return to my mortal realm. She handed me a the piece you see above, which is a one-dimensional travel vessel. It sent me back to my own realm, where I performed the secret she had shared with me to unlock the Underworld realm. In a gesture of gratitude, the Queen presented me with several more of the pieces and now I am making the available to you.

I have used my piece over and over again. It will give you the ability inter-dimensional travel between Earth and the Underworld. Being an all-dimensional key, this piece will also allow you to open up the heavens and obtain the secret of light magic. You will be able to perform all light magic spells and remedies. Being a gift from the Underworld, it will also unlock all of the secrets of dark magic and its spell and remedies. Use them at your own discretion. Additionally, you will also be granted the exclusive offer of being changed from mortal being to immortal vampire. You can serve in the ranks of the Queen of the Underworld and given power beyond your wildest imagination.

I'm sorry but only one will be going up for sale. The rest are being kept by us. The one going up is the one you see. This one is a heavy metal and glass and is old and very beautiful. Inside you will capture the Vampires face. This ring is called Crimson.
The Manouham Crypts
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