The Montauk Mysteries Defined

The Montauk Mysteries Defined<br /><br />

Tonight, before you go to sleep, look up at the stars and admire their beauty.  Then, look at them again and wonder to yourself, “Are we really alone in the Universe?  With space that stretches on forever and ever, thousands stars, and at lease eight known planets in existence... are we really alone?”  I have the answer for you, as I’m sure you might’ve guessed.  After all, that’s what I’m good at-- giving answers to the unexplained, uncovering mystical powers, and finding beauty in the strange.  This one, though, is an incredible breakthrough that gives answers to many different mysteries that have stumped mankind for as long as we have been around.  Buckle up, because you’re in for a bump ride.  <br /><br />

Let me just begin by saying Project Montauk.  These two words alone can summarize and classify the information that I am about to give you.  Project Montauk is covert government operation that has been conducted and continues to be conducted on the Montauk Military Base in the state of New York.  It brought several of the world’s best professionals, including Aleista Crawley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, and Duncan Cameron, together to perform a ranged of weird science experiments.  The most widely successful facet of this project was its exploration into time and space.<br /><br />

In the mid 1900’s, shortly after Project Montauk was originated, scientist on the base made a breakthrough in scientific technology by opening a porthole in time, allowing the scientists to travel to anywhere in time or space.  This porthole was eventually upgraded to a stable time tunnel that allowed the scientists to teleport themselves back a forth from Earth to Mars.  During their investigations to Mars, the scientists were able to discover an underground network of caves and tunnels, with skeletal remains, which puts an end to question of whether or not we were always alone in the universe.  Don’t raise your brow yet... No seriously, put it down.  <br /><br />

In addition to finding skeletal remains underneath the crust of Mars’ outer layers, the league of space faring scientists made contact with a race of extraterrestrial beings from a far away realm.  The scientists traded their technology for a form of etheric technology that helped them broaden their communication into hyperspace.  With this broader scope of space exploration, the scientists were able develop a broader communication within space, thanks to the breakthrough of interpretation of hyperspace language.  Hyperspace language is a way of communicating using archetypes, glyphs, colors and tones.  It is the non-linguistic language of God itself.  <br /><br />

Using this non linguistic language of God, the scientists had their psychic abilities enhanced to the point where they could materialize objects out of thin air.  Their psionic faculties were elevated, giving them the ability to intervene with others' mental, emotional, and psychological stability.  This allowed them to impose what is known as psychotronic mind contortion over test subjects, forcing the subjects to succumb to their will-- whatever that might have been.<br /><br />
After they were “done” with Project Montauk, they infused the energy of all they had discovered into these items.  With these items you will personally embody all the powers of the Montauk scientists, as described above.  We have personally tested each and every piece to make sure each item is legit and performs to the best of its ability.  These are very powerful pieces, so make sure to use exercise when you use them.  Also make sure you close any portholes you are using once you return, same with a time tunnel.  If you might wake up with an alien breathing over you or Mary I fixing to behead you.

The Montauk Mysteries Defined
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