The Ninth Offspring of Wealth

The Ninth Offspring of Wealth

This is a piece that I received as a gift from a friend of mine who owns a nearby Chinese Restaurant.  In fact, his family has a legacy of not just building successful Chinese eating establishments, but building businesses in general.  For instance, one of the brothers just sold one of his night club establishments for well over a million dollars to a prominent restaurant chain.  They've always just seemed to "get it" when it came to business ventures.  

He's going to remain nameless for security reasons, but for our intents and purposes I will call him "Sam".  It's every person's dream to go into business for themselves and one day to be independently wealthy.  I mean, I don't think anybody ever set out with the aspiration to be poor.  With that being said, one day I sat down with Sam to ask him what his secret was-- how come his family was so successful in virtually EVERYTHING that they did.  At that question Sam kind of smiled at me as if he was reading me.  He remained silent for some time, just gazing at the decorative art work on the walls of his eatery.  Then, as if a light bulb went off in his head, he beckoned me to follow him.  

I got up and began walking towards the kitchen of his establishment, through a door into his office, then through another door, down a narrow hallway, and finally down a spiral staircase.  What I saw there was nothing short of amazing.  There were gold and silver ornaments everywhere-- all with an Asian influence.  In the center of it was a pedestal with a green-flame candle lit underneath it.  On top of the pedestal was a statue carved entirely from a block of jade.  The statue was a large as a medium sized cat, with opalescent eyes.  It was a carving of a creature that resembled a lion, with the wingspan of a hawk and a main that was accented with gold chips.  Although the creature was clearly a statue, I could tell that is was more than just cold stone... this creature, statue or not, was alive.  I could feel it.  

Sam must've sensed that I was in awe of what I beheld and was quick to explain.  The carved creature was his family's Pixiu.  He explained to me that a Pixiu is a powerful protector of those who practice Feng Shui, which is more or less the balancing of all powers to achieve harmonious existence.  The Pixiu is also the creature that holds the powers of divine wealth, as they are the Ninth Offspring of the Dragon, who holds every and all divine wealth power to exist.  In ancient history the Pixiu was a voracious and insatiable appetite for gold and silver and would bring it to whomever was their master.  Thus, his family's Pixiu who is ancient in years and has been passed down since ancient times, brought his family wealth in a more contemporary form-- by bringing them money in their trade and business.   

This piece is a piece that Sam gave me that day before we left his shrine and he swore me to secrecy among our own circle.  It's okay that I'm writing this description because none of you know Sam, nor will you ever.  In fact, his name isn't even really Sam. The important part is that I have this peice that Sam gave me.  It is an extreme wealth item.  It is a Pixiu hatchling.  You can use this piece to birth your own Pixiu that will grow with you as you use the powers.  Your Pixiu will be an influential and auspicious creature to attract wealth for you.  It will act as your own wealth magnet, as these creatures are born craving the scent of gold and silver, so to speak.  It craves wealth and loves to bring wealth to its master.  Seeing as though you will be this new Pixiuhatchling's master, you are in store for more wealth than you might be able to handle.  Either way, with this piece you are pretty much set!!  It will manifest wealth in whatever area is your forte.  Maybe you want to be a break through novelist, actor, or singer.  Maybe you want to be a successful stock broker.  Whatever your aspirations are, your Pixiu will know them, an attract success and wealth for you in your area! 


This piece is a antique and it is pure Ivory. This is pre-ban so no elephant was killed after that time to make this. This is a rare piece and to use it you only need it to hold a smoke of amy kind. I won't tell you what to smoke as it doesn't matter. Each time you do when you are done you will have completed a birth and must name your wealth spirit.  You need to luck with this piece at all as it is already there.

The Ninth Offspring of Wealth
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