The Queen's Coin Purse

As we all know, the English Royalty is by no means hurting for money.  Their recorded net worth is $577 Million dollars.  In terms of the richest man on Earth, this is quite modest, being only half a billion.  However, to a normal person, this is a fortune that could last life time and there is no doubt that this fortune will last life times to come for the House of Windsor.  The net worth of the royal family, however, is viewed by most as a facade, because they are worth a lot more than that.  In fact, their net worth is so high and they have so many people in their pocket that their net value is probably well into the tens of billions of dollars.  You have to remember, this family is part of the secret society that rules the world.  Therefore they have dispersed their wealth and what the Queen controls is hers.  Elizabeth Windsor plays no games when it comes to her monetary affairs.  So, then the question that remains is how does she obtain her wealth? 

According to any report you will read, it is do the fact that she owns property, stud farms, a massive stamp collection and some jewelry.  You can bet your bottom dollar, though, that there is a ton of magic that comes into play when it comes to solidifying this wealth.  Without the magic, that wealth wouldn't exist; and it's not to say that the Queen is any different than any of the other members of Royal Houses.  They have all used magic to secure their wealth and power since before the days that Illuminati power showed up in England and allowed them to take over the world.  A lot of these forms of magic have been dark such as demonic orgies and sacrifices.  There have been ritualistic killings and animal sacrifices as well.  However, they are open to all types of power and magic.  This is one of the lesser known, not so dramatic, white light versions of their royal wealth magic. 

This is a piece that comes from a magic bag that is called the Queen's Coin Purse.  Although the bag is called a coin purse, it has never quite held coins.  Rather it holds items that are then fed wealth power.  The magic comes from a sect of ancient Druids that were once kicked out of Ireland.  The continued to practice their powers in lands that were ruled by the English.  This bad is one that they made that calls upon the presence of Anu, who is the goddess of prosperity.  Items are kept in the bad for a prolonged period of time and when they are taken out, they will automatically hold the powers associated with the powers of Anu, who will bring extreme wealth and good fortune.  This coin purse was given to an English ruler as tribute for their allowing the druids to settle in their land.  Modern day, this bag is used by the queen to make gifts of wealth that she gives to the royals, in an attempt to keep the wealth in the family. 

This piece has spent a considerable amount of time in the Queen's coin purse.  It spent a total of 9 years in the purse, that's three cycles of three.   The wealth powers of wealth will come to you three fold when you wear this piece.  It holds the same wealth powers that contribute to the wealth of the royal family who have ruled the world for hundreds of years now.  It will bring you wealth from across the realms, in multiple different forms, that way you are not limited in the type of wealth you can receive and the riches will begin rolling in the moment you put this piece on!

The Queen's Coin Purse
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