The REAL Third Secret of Fatima

The Third Secret of Fatima-- the part they WON'T tell you!! <br /><br />

This piece is a Crystal Aspersorium that holds the deepest knowledge of the Third Secret of Fatima.  Pope John Paul II may have been shot and he may have been part of the third prophecy handed to Sister Lucia dos Santos while she was still a child.  You see, what adult religious clerics have yet to understand is the parable of the Bible where Jesus talks about inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven.  They have yet to humble themselves and liken themselves unto children to receive the Kingdom of Heaven and the spirit of the Lord.  This is why the earth-shattering prophecy was given to a child-- because they had the state of mind to actually comprehend what was being said. <br /><br />

The Third Prophecy of Fatima has long been covered up, as it beholds something so awful that the Catholic clerics were afraid it would throw the public into mass hysteria.  The attempted assasination of Pope John Paul II was just the beginning.  It was like the very beginning of opening Pandora's Box, so to speak... the tip of the iceberg.  The rest of the prophecy is still covered up to this day by the Catholic Church. <br /><br />

While using the powers in this piece, I figured out that the Third Prophecy of Fatima is embedded in what I'm calling the crystal aspersorium.  It is a basin of truth.  The Blessed Virgin is superimposed in the crystal.  Allow this crystal which is fastened to the top to of the Virgin's Cube to soak up rays of sunshine.  Do this on the Sunday-- the Sabbath and holy day of of God, our Father.  It will illuminate the virgin, who will act as an intercessor and give you Holy Visions of the Third Secret of Fatima.<br /><br /> 

The Virgin in this piece is in the same form as she appeared to Lucia and her cousin at Fatima.  The result is that your mind will be transformed and put in a state that will allow you to receive the holy prophecy as it was pronounced years ago.  You will gain the knowledge of the end of times, which has already commenced with John Paul II.  These visions include all those things that are spoken about in the Book of Revelations, for instance 666, the Beast, the Anti-Christ, a one World Religion and Government, and the Seven Angels with their Seven Trumpets, and more.<br /><br /> 

You will also receive other prophecies that are exclusive to this piece.  Some of these are of the end of times.  Some are of the beginning of times.  Some are of how the Catholic Church is single-handedly bringing on the Apocalypse.  One sure thing is that you will gain the holy insight that the world as we know it is in for one HELL of an awakening-- no pun intended!<br /><br />

On a side note, this piece is fastened and braided with copper, because copper has been proven throughout the old testamony to be a very productive conduit of religious miracles!! 

The REAL Third Secret of Fatima
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