The Red Herring (Vampire Blood Letting)

The Red Herring Blood Letting Razor This is one that we have to jump right into the middle of. It is a very powerful piece, but it has a rather interesting background. It had originally belonged to a vampire that was reborn in the 1800s. She goes by the Red Herring, because of the simple fact that she had a completely bald vagina, over which she proudly displayed a bright red merkin. A merkin is something that was first worn in the late 1600s by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia. To keep them warm, perhaps? I don't know. Red isn't a prostitute, although she does love to have a good time!! She'll never say no to it!! Basically, Red was transformed in the 1800s by a HighGate Vampire. She was given no advice and no direction on how to "live" her new life. She was given one tool. It is a straight razon in a case that is etched with the silhouette of what Red looks like in her spiritual form. Oh, and just a side note-- Red can take blood every now and then if she wants to, but she does NOT have to drink blood. Most vampires DON'T have to drink blood at all. As for her item, that's what we'll discuss next. The piece that was given to Red is what is known as a vamire blood-letting item. It holds special energies, that when you use this razor to obtain the blood of others, usually by cutting them with the razor, you will gain the abilities in the other's blood. Red sought out people who had every type of ability imaginable. She sought out the likes of Marie Laveau II, Arthur Sullivan, Aliester Crowley, Walt Disney, several Saudi Princes, Queen Elizabeth, and many other mystics! Red has not ceased to exist, she just decided that it was time to pass the piece on-- and move onto bigger and better things. The Red Herring gave us this piece, on the condition that we would find a worthy recipient. It will bring you the power and allure of all the mystics she has ever used this piece on. Additionally, we worked with Red on finding a more practical way to use this piece, I mean you can't go around stabbing people. So... with that being said, we have put a power into this piece that is designed to work like a suction pump. You see somebody whose powers you want. You concentrate on that person and this piece will do the rest by duplicating the powers and making them your own. Lastly, this piece gives you a psychic connection to Red, which will allow you to summon her presence for help and guidance along the was, not just with these powers, but with life in general. She is rather personable, in fact!! Red's Blood-Letting tool is very powerful. When we tested in we were actually able to duplicate eachother's powers. Very cool. We only have one of these items, so it's first come, first-served. Enjoy! This piece will be featured on the radio show tonight, so for more information you can log into keyword: hauntedcuriosities.
The Red Herring (Vampire Blood Letting)
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