The Sacred Heart of Jesus- SW

The Sacred Heart of Jesus- SW The next items that I have coming up are religous miracles. Many of us rasied with a strong religous background, or who have converted later in life, carry with us relics of our faith. I, myself, was raised in an Italian Roman Catholic family, and even today, as a recovering Catholic, many of the Saints have a place in my life. Religous items do not only have thier place within secular religons. Many of the Saints and religous power figures cross-over the various religons, and pop up with different names, duties and abilities. In my own workspace, I have an altar to Legba, and an altar to St. Jude, who I consider to be one of my patrons. Both have thier functions, and both work for me, sometimes simultaneously. Like any magical item, religous items like to be honored and given attention. No matter which religon you subscribe to, or if you choose none at all, having a Saint item can benefit and enrich your life and practices. These are true items. You may have other religous items at home that venerate one or more of the Saints or Higher Powers, but very few of us have items that will actually call the patron to you, so that they may grant to you the blessings they are capable of. The special few items I am listing here will do so. This is a true connection with the Patron, real and viable. Veneration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been documented as early as the 12th century. The Sacred Heart has ever been a source of mystical devotion, an emblem of faith in the spiritual higher good, and a marker of our goal to ascend to a higher purpose. Generally a Catholic icon, and within the Catholic Church, the Sacred Heart is symbolic of the love and mercy that Jesus has shown to man, and provides refuge for the weary soul. It is little known that the Sacred Heart can lend itself to anyone who is in search of strength, comfort, and ascention to a higher state. There are promises made to those that honor the Sacred Heart: - you will be given all the graces necessary for your state of being - you will be granted peace within the family - you will be consoled in your troubles - the sacred heart will be a refuge for you, even in death - all of your undertakings will be blessed in abundance - you will be given the gift of mercy, no matter your sins - your soul will be lit with spiritual fire - you will rise speedily to perfection - those that honor the image of the Sacred Heart will be given special graces I have two of these, and they are beautiful and powerful spiritual pieces!
The Sacred Heart of Jesus- SW
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