The Scent of Another World

The Scent of Another World

This piece is pretty much straightforward and simple.  There are no investigations involved.  We didn't drive a billion miles to get it.  We didn't astral travel and we didn't bring it back from the pits of hell.  It is an item that was given to us... By Shine.  Those of you who don't know Shine, really must not be too into vampires.  Or if you are into vampires and you don't know Shine already, you need this piece.  I mean, it's not everyday that we offer a piece like this.  It is a piece that has been charged directly by Shine.  As you know we are in contact with Shine from time to time and usually we are the ones asking him to make the pieces for us.  This time is was the other way around.  Shine approached us, knowing the nature of the business, telling us that if we want to give one lucky customer the chance to experience what it is truly like and what it truly means to be a vampire without having to undergo complete transformation, this is the ultimate piece. 

In the 1970s an all out war was waged on vampires by vampire hunters from across the globe.  It was sparked by vampiric and other supernatural activity going on at the Highgate Cemetery in London. As the legend goes, a King Vampire of the Undead was supposedly rumored to live at the Highgate Cemetery.  He was a nobleman from the middle ages who had preserved his body through the use of black magic. Meanwhile, a modern day Satanist had roused him from an eternal sleep that he had fallen under.  Thus, if the hunters did not catch the vampire, it would run around town biting and eating people, unleashing a army of Undead creatures that would eventually... DUN DUN DUN... rule the world. 

Get real!  Okay, there might be a host of unholy creatures that have risen as the result of black magic.  But, rest assured, the Highgate Vampire was not one of them.  Besides, with a whole existence to rule, Earth would be the LAST place one of these advanced creatures would want to rule-- quote me!!  Either way a small portion of that legend remains true.  Yes, there is a vampire at Highgate Cemetery.  Yes, he is somewhat a King in his own right.  He once ruled a realm of existence that doesn't exist anymore.  Well, I shouldn't say it doesn't exist.  The King and a few of his followers were summoned during a seance in the Highgate Cemetery by a bunch of teens.  Frightened that their seance actually worked, they quickly cut out of the seance, sealing the door to the other realm and trapping the vampire soul forms here on Earth.  They remained at Highgate Cemetery and now are collective referred to as the Highgate Vampire, because people do not know there are more than one.  Well technically there are only two left.  There were four total.  One was permanently resurrected by a magician in Russia. 

The other Highgate vampire is in this piece here.  In it?  Well, I should say his soul has been attached to this piece and now the piece is a direct summoning piece that allows you to carry the soul of the vampire anywhere you go. With this piece, you will be allowed to fully merge with the Highgate Vampire.  You will be sensually transformed.  I use the word transformed very loosely because this piece does not give a total transformation. It's like, when you where this piece, you will genetically altered.  You will see, taste, feel, smell, and hear the world as a vampiric being.  You will gain the abilities of the highgate vampires while you are wearing this item.  You can practice any of their magic or see into any of their realms-- that aren't trapped shut.  This vampire is in spirit form, so you don't have to worry about going all blood-thirsty.  It's not going to happen.  And you don't have to worry about a dark lord or a satanist, because these entities are totally white light and very powerful!!  They don't believe in the dark aspect of magic whatsoever.  They are merely vampire soul forms from a white light dimension who have traversed, got stuck in our existence, and now want a buddy to share ALL of their power, abilities, knowledge, and experiences with!! It is the perfect way to "become" a vampire, while not actually "becoming" a vampire!

Shine sent us this piece, knowing that we would probably have somebody who would want/need it immediately.  Well here it is!!  First come, first-served!! 

This is Marchand,the vampire your looking at.  The piece is very old and at one time I believe he was a minister. The frame work could be gold but I'm not saying it is. I say this because sometimes they are in a very old pin/photo such as this. I have spoke to him,went on an excursion with him and allowed him to give me certain abilities. I have been extremely satisfied with this piece. He is also able to change how he looks,from young to older. When you pick up this piece you will feel the power. He is no nonsense,knowledgable and in his life and death he has gained so much information about many things as he can go places and do things that others can't. I know that whoever gets this vampire will be glad that they did.


The Scent of Another World
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