The Screamers: Secrets of Melchizedek

I tell people all the time that the world isn't what it seems to be.  It has been said that religion in the opium of the people and this couldn't be more true.  This is why so many people have followed their religious leaders.  I mean, look at the people in Waco, Texas.  They killed themselves because they were instructed to.  I have a friend who I frequently tell is going to end up eating poison bologna sandwiches because her pastor is going to tell her to.  My point is that you can't always trust your religious leaders, especially when you are Catholic.  I'm not saying that all Catholics are bad or that they all deserve condemnation.  The Bible warns of false prophets in high positions of power.  Everyone keeps looking out in the open, for obvious corrupt leaders to be the Antichrist.  They keep forgetting the Esau was once the wolf in sheep's clothing and so the false prophets will be.  Unfortunately, the truth has been hidden from the Catholic people and they have been led astray like lambs to the slaughter.

The fact is that there are many truths that the higher-ups of the Catholic Church have hidden to reserve power for themselves.  "Nahhh, not our beloved religious leaders!!," most will say.  Well, the phrase goes keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so why wouldn't these people keep the ones they are leading astray close to them?  They'll be easier to wrangle.  In the meantime, these powers, secrets, and truths, have been gobbled up by the false prophets and sent to secret quarters beneath the Vatican, where they remain because they don't want people coming across these powers, because that could potentially mess up the game plan.  The more enlightened the people become, the harder they will be to trick during the End Times.  It's true, is it not?  If we all know the answers of where we will end up, then we will see the scam that Satan has set in place for us to believe. 

My question for you all then is who is Melchizedek?  He is the father of the Christ Bloodline and he was the very first coming of Christ.  He was the King of Salem and a priest of God Most High.  We often hear his name during the Easter season with the phrase, "In the Order of Melchizedek...", blah, blah, blah.  Rarely does anyone put much thought into who he really is, thought.  This is on purpose.  It is one of those things that Christianity pushes to the side, as to not get the wheels of the people turning.  They don't think for themselves anymore, but the way the church wants the to think, which is pretty sad if you ask me.  Any how, the King of Salem is also to say that he was the King of Peace and we all know that Jesus is constantly touted for being the Prince of Peace.  To say that he served God Most High means that he was a messenger of God and was Jesus not also consider the Messiah, the great prophet of the good news?  Melchizedek is the one that first blessed Abram with the blessings of God and told him to go forth.  When the Bible explicitly says that no one holds authority over God, who is Melchizedek to give these blessings?  He was the first coming of Christ, that is who!!  The teachings of Melchizedek, however, have been confiscated and kept hush-hush because the Catholic Church does not want these blessings that Melchizedek has handed to Abraham to get out to the people. 

What secret, you ask?  The secret is simply.  Everyone has the ability to become God of their own.  Does God not tell us that he created us in His image?  Then, it should make perfect sense that we should each be Gods in our own right.  However, in order to become like God, you have to know Gods secrets.  When they are hidden from you, there is absolutely no way of becoming your own God, because you don't know how.  You are not educated.  You cannot learn or progress like Abraham and the prophets did in their day in time.   We have been dumbed down as a race in order to keep us under control, but these were never Gods intentions.  What God created was highly intelligent and had the ability to have any power or ability that they wanted.  This is why people in the Bible lived so long, or were able to ascend into Heaven, or could speak to burning bushes, or survive in the belly of a whale, or speak to spirits, or turn water into wine or grant miracles or anything like that! You can do all of these things to, you just have to learn how. 

This bracelet holds four entities that we call the screamers.  This is because when you wear the piece four spirits will come to you and speak to you the ancient knowledge of Melchizedek, who was the first incarnation of Christ.  He did not come as a Messiah that time, but as a granter of knowledge and timeless wisdom.  He wrote this wisdom into a series of "books" that were later confiscated and hidden, as I have mentioned above.  These etheric beings are called the screamers because they are forceful in the power they want to give you, so if you are not one for extreme magic in its purest form, the this piece is honestly not for you.   Again, only those who want extreme power should consider this piece.   This is because the screamers are going tell you all of the information to unlock a strand of DNA that has been placed within you by the Hand of God.  This DNA is what is going to give you your transformation, once you hear all that the screamers have to say.  You will then be granted the knowledge and wisdom that I have mentioned above, with the capability to open up and ascertain any magical ability that you choose to ascertain.  There are no limits on what you can create with this piece, because the screamers knowledge is the authority of God and there is nothing that isn't possible with God.  It says so in the Bible; and with the raw magic and knowledge of God there is nothing that you will not be able to do, either.

During testing the powers that we were able to create with this piece, include great wealth, divine contact with any entity you want, white light psychic ability, the ability astral travel to Heaven, the ability to see all the knowledge of the Book of Life and the Tree of Life, the ability to assume the shape of others beings AKA shape-shift, the ability to perform miracles such as raising someone from the dead, alchemy with the ability turn one thing into another (such as water into wine), the ability to become a psychic medium for others to predict the future, white light rebirth with telekinesis, the ability to travel in time and the ability birth angels, who were created to serve man in the first place.  There isn't much this piece cannot do.  Again, this is only for the people who want extreme power!! 

This powerful bracelet is made from Sterling Silver and the stones are real and authentic!! 

The Screamers:  Secrets of Melchizedek
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