The Shadow of Death

This is an original piece, but I cannot say that it really one that I had to go on an investigation for.  Rather, it kind of just fell into my lap, so to speak.  Those who know me personally, know that I love to help people.  I am on the board of trustees for a local volunteer committee.  I spend a lot of my time giving back to the community.  It doesn't really matter that the community rarely gives back to me, it's the love and dedication and servitude to others that I do it for.  Jesus creates us all equal and told us that we are supposed to love our neighbors as our self.  This is something that I think most of us struggle with on a daily basis, but that's for another time.  The point is that helping the less fortunate is something that I enjoy doing.  

Sometimes on a Sunday night, I will go help in a local soup kitchen.  I usually get out of my other job pretty early on a Sunday, so I have some time left over.  It was one Sunday after working the soup the kitchen that I got this piece.  It happened in the strangest of ways.  It was a damp night, the sun had just set and it was a little bit chilly.  When I first saw the dark figure standing under the lamp post I didn't think anything of it.  I'm not saying this was an evil entity, just cloaked in dark garb.  It began to make it's way toward me, so I hurried up my step.  Eventually, I crossed the street; so did the cloaked figure.  I looked over my shoulder to see if he was close.  He was definitely in hot pursuit.  I turned around to grab the man-- or woman-- to see why they were chasing after me and as I did, the entity evaporated into dust.  What was left in my hand was this piece.  I was a little bit creeped out at this point, given the fact of what just happened and I made it home post-haste.  At this point, I had not a slight clue as to the meaning of the piece. 

I tried to make sense of it all.  Why would this piece be given to me by a cloaked figure at that precise moment in time.  I mean, I began wondering if the entity had been following me or for how long it had been watching me.  I began to get goosebumps all up and down my spine.  Even still, I needed to know the answer and it couldn't wait until the following morning for work.  I needed to know now, but the thing of it was, I wasn't exactly sure how to use the piece, so what I did was I cupped it in my hand and tried really hard to envision the full vision of what the entity looked like.  I envisioned his long slender body and his dark hood.  I tried to remember a face, but as hard as I tried to force myself to remember, I simply couldn't.  I began to get frustrated and I opened my eyes.  Standing there, right in front of my face was the perpetrator, himself.  He was the one who had chased me in the street.  I called out to him to show me his face.  He pushed back his hood revealing a full figure, humanesque head, who didn't really have a face.  He had a circle of thousands of tine eyes towards the top of his head that wrapped around his head like a halo, a few slits, which I imagine were some weird type of gills to allow him to be able to breathe.  There were no ears on his head, which I learned later on is because he doesn't communicate with language.  His communication comes only via psychic communication and telekinetic energy. 

After working with this piece, I realized that this entity isn't quite the Angel of Death.  Rather, it is one of his messenger angels, called the Shadow of Death.  There are a multitude of these types of beings and they are harbingers of death, kind of like the Grim Reaper.  The reason he came after me is because, he claimed, he read death on me from working in the soup kitchen.  This makes sense, considering the majority of the people who go there are Veterans and Senior Citizens.  Either way, he realized his mistake of nearly taking my life only seconds beforehand.  Had I not turned around, I probably would have had a heart attack in that street or something.  As a result, I was given this piece, and this particular Shadow of Death was put into my servitude, locked inside this piece.  This piece brought me very many powers, most notably it will bring immortality while you are wearing it.  However, the second you take it off, you will begin to age again.  It also provides protection from all things that are evil.  It will drive out evil from your home and your soul, and keep it away from you by creating a protective bubble.  Other shadows don't walk where shadows already exist, and this entity has the ability to drive out evil, curses, hexes, demons, etc in the name of God, because he is the contemporary of the Angel of Death, who is an angel of God.

Additionally, and most logically, this piece will give you the psychic ability to predict the future of others.  I know it seems like a very basic power, but it is a very sought after power, as this will give you authentic ability, not like those 1-800 number scam psychics.  This means that you will also receive a psychic awakening with a whole range of psychic abilities becoming available to you.  This is a very powerful little piece that will fill you with a bubble of white light energy, while keep you safe from all predators.  It's a very simple concept with ample power!!  

The piece you are getting is a sterling silver man's ring.  On the top is a black stone to signify the shadow of death, with four of the creatures eyes etched into it, again to signify the thousands of eyes with which he sees all of humanity.  It really has a unique look, aside from being very powerful.  Again, to use the piece just cup it in your hands.  Extra powers will be added if you wear the piece on a continuous basis, and you can do so by wearing it as a ring, or as a pendant on a chain.  
The Shadow of Death
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