The Synthetic Blood of the Third Reich

The Synthetic Blood of the Third Reich Obviously, a group of people should ever have to go through what the Jewish people went through during World War II. No ethnic group should ever be subject to genocide, just because they are born a certain way. I also admire the United States’ decision to get involved in the war to put an end to the atrocities that were going on, as well as to defend our national soil. However, there were ulterior motives to the United States’ involvement in the war-- the Japanese were simply a decoy. This is not to say that we weren’t protecting our country, because anyone that messes with America can and will be punished and what the Japanese did was wrong, but there was a danger that was far greater than the mere Japanese empire posed to Americans. It was a danger that needed to be dealt with very hastily, and so it was.

Now, I’m sure that most of you are well aware that Germany flourished under the Third Reich and Hitler with his National Socialist German Workers’ Party. He established Nazi rule and set up a totalitarian government, under which he had complete rule and control over everyone and everything. It was in this manner that he was able to accomplish many of his goals, such as establishing the Schutzstaffel, more commonly known as the SS. The SS was an underground group of Nazis in complete charge of the scientific experimentation that went on under Hitler’s rule and was headed by a man named Hans Kammler, a civil engineer, high ranking SS officer, and head of the V-2 missile project.

The first major breakthrough under Kammler came in the form of synthetic blood. This synthetic blood gave soldiers and others-- whomever drank it, to be exact-- super human abilities. First of all, it gave them super human strength, agility, and awareness. It also gave them the ability to defy the forces of gravity, giving them the ability to levitate and float, giving them the ability to wage air attacks. Finally, it gave the individuals the ability to infuse their chemical make up with whatever they touched, giving them the ability to blend in with their surroundings, living or non-living. You can think of the power as turning the study subjects into technologically advanced chameleons.

Furthering the development of the synthetic blood, the Nazi party was able to turn their study subjects into a race of electromagnetic vampires. These vampires have the exclusive ability of controlling electromagnetic fields and threaten the very existence of matter itself. Electromagnetism is the very force that holds electrons and neutrons together inside atoms that are present in any form of matter. These vampires exhibit the ability to create charged particles, virtual photons, atomic energy. They have the exclusive ability to alter chemical and molecular make up. They can use their intermolecular force to disintegrate matter in a matter of seconds. In such a manner, the vampires were able to, literally, cook their adversaries to death. They can also warp and modify any matter that they concentrate their energy on, simply by looking at it. The only catch is that these vampires are reliant upon the afore mention synthetic blood for their very survival. They can go a period of seventy-two hours without being fed the synthetic blood, until their powers begin to diminish. Eventually, they will be rendered useless at which point their eyes will be sucked from their skulls and they will shrivel up and die, turning into dust. Thus, I call them vampires.

Finally, the Nazi’s were able to develop the beginning stages of time travel. Ever heard of the top secret “bell project”? Well, that wasn’t merely a program to develop a missile. That’s what the V-2 Missile Project was for. Why do you need two programs for the same the thing? C’mon people... the “Bell Project” was a cover operation commissioned by Adolph Hitler himself to control the very essence of time. They developed a top-secret implement that was a metallic device 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet in height that is shaped like a bell. The device has two counter rotating cylinders that are filled with a fluid that glows a violate color when activated. The substance? The ever-so-coveted Red Mercury-- the chemical base for the synthetic blood of the vampire race. Anyway, when the chambers begin to spin, they can shift matter, bending time either forward or backward. This is how they can allow human individuals to either travel forward or backward in time.

By now I bet your wondering how this all correlates... you know, what’s my point? I have a correspondent that is a spy in an underground Nazi fraternity that calls itself the Kammler Dynasty. The American government thought they had wiped out all of these developments, or at least acquired them for themselves and wiped out theirs. Hitler wasn’t a dumb man, though. An ethnocentric prick? Sure, but he wasn’t a dummy. He made sure he set up a network of clandestine scientific military bases to carry out his plans, when his empire was destroyed by the Americans. His empire WAS destroyed, but his missions are still carried out till this day via the Kammler Dynasty.

Like I told you before, we have a spy correspondent working for the Kammler Dynasty. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject, I’m obviously not going to debrief his identity. Just be well aware that he was able to gain disclosure of the magic-- that’s how high of a rung he occupies on the proverbial ladder. He remitted the secrets to us and now we are able to make these abilities available to you via the pieces you see above.

The Kammler Dynasty’s ultimate goal is to find a way to pinpoint a location in time that Abraham, the father of the Jews, had no children-- and kill him. According to them this is much easier than attempting to wipe out the Jews with a fresh facet of genocide. It shouldn’t be that hard considering Abraham didn’t have children till he was like 100 years old, but word has it that the Polish have found out what is going on and has operatives working around the clock to make sure that doesn’t happen. What you will do with the ability we are about to pass onto you is entirely up to you.

One thing is for sure, though. The piece that you are about to receive encompasses all the powers that the Kammler Dynasty has been able to develop. Your soul will be infused with that of the electromagnetic vampire you are receiving. Accordingly you will be able achieve time travel, as all of the powers are inter-related and co-dependant on each other. Your piece has been genetically infused with an unlimited supply of synthetic blood, so you don’t have to constantly worry about where your next fresh supply of nourishment is coming from. Here’s the thing, though, make sure to wear your piece, or keep your piece on your person at all times, you would not want anyone to get this and do harm with it. This piece is very powerful. You should take full advantage of it while it lasts.
The Synthetic Blood  of the Third Reich
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