The Ultimate Enhanement

The Ultimate Enhanement

How important do you think it is to boost your IQ?

The Salkever model estimates that a one point increase in IQ on the average translates into an increase of income of 2.1% in males and 3.6% in females. So even slight increases in IQ can translate into $10,000s more in income over a lifetime~!

Some Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) research reports indicate cognitive increases as high as 40%, although 10% is more typical. With competition for good schools and good jobs at near peak, every edge you can get over the competition increases your odds of having a successful life for you and your loved ones.

 TDCS, a.k.a,  - "DC brain polarization" - is a painless, non-invasive, low-risk, silent, efficient and relatively inexpensive method of applying small direct currents to the brain cortex through the skull using skin-contact electrodes. The positive electrode boosts, increases or amplifies function of brain region closest to it, while the negative electrode inhibits or suppresses brain function. TDCS has been found to boost cognitive performance and increase IQ, memory and reaction times, as well as to treat several mental disorders.

The application of electric currents to the head to modify brain function is more than 200 years old. In fact, Ancient Roman physicians (Galen) placed torpedo fish, known for their electric charges, to the foreheads of sufferers of migraine headaches and depression.

Treatments are expensive and take nearly a year to fully complete, so Merlin found a powerful encrypted force that binds the electrodes way of delivering the current into this item. The item utilizes your flow of blood (pulse) and your auric energies to impose the channeled increse of flow to the brain. This same venture is what the process of brain polarization does.

The piece is defined with an ultimate connection that will increase your IQ! This is great for the young, or old, as anyone can use an increase to their IQ. This is totally different than the evasion of frequencies item -- as this enhances based on the current frequesncies that humans know as 'normal' -- but works great as an advancement and awakening to your current brain quota and status!

The Ultimate Enhanement
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